10 Deadly Household Items for Kittens

Bringing a new kitten home can be a fun and exciting time. But before the new addition is allowed to roam the house freely, be sure to check for safety hazards and remove them from the kitten’s environment or entirely.  

The Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association has compiled a list of the following hazards for kittens of all breeds including:

  1. Dangling electrical cords
  2. Toilet lids left up (kittens can drown in a toilet bowl)
  3. Open stairways (where kittens can tumble and fall from great heights)
  4. Fringe or any loose trim and dangling drapery cords (kittens can get twisted up and strangle)
  5. Accessible garbage (various items, especially any kind of bones, can cause intestinal problems for kittens)
  6. Needles and thread; knitting and/or crocheting materials
  7. Rubber bands (which can wrap around the intestines)
  8. Plastic wrap (kittens can eat it, strangle on it, or suffocate in it)
  9. Plastic bags (a kitten can get trapped and suffocate, or get its head tangled in the handle)
  10. Styrofoam (especially packing “peanuts”) which the kitten may eat

In addition, keep in mind that:

  • That many cat toys have parts that can be easily removed and swallowed.
  • Holiday decorations such as tinsel, ornaments, etc. can be dangerous when swallowed.
  • Reclining chairs and hide-a-beds have mechanisms that can injure or crush a kitten that has crawled inside.
  • All cleaning products and other chemicals should be stored away and out of reach.
  • Open refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, washers, dryers should be checked for inquisitive kittens before being shut and turned on. 

Image: nicsuzor / via Flickr

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