10 Feline Facts

“We did some research about our cats, and it turns out they’re even more amazing than we thought! Here are some of our favourites…

1. The average house cat can run faster than Usain Bolt.

2. When your cat rubs against your legs, she is marking her territory and claiming you as her own.

3. Cats have a pattern on their nose which is unique – just like the human fingerprint. (Maybe we could introduce nose-print identification to find out which cat knocked over the Christmas tree?).

4. While kittens meow to their mothers, adult cats only meow to human beings, and not to communicate with each other.

5. If your cat blinks at you slowly when she looks at you, this is her way of saying she loves you.

6. Legend has it that the cat flap was invented by Isaac Newton at the University of Cambridge, as his cats were disturbing his experiments by scratching at the door. We’re sure everyone who works from home with felines can relate to this one!

7. Owning a cat can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke.

8. Cats sweat through the pads of their paws (or their “cat beans” as we like to call them).

9. Cats can move their ears separately.

10. The little tufts of hair inside a cat’s ear holes are called “ear furnishings” – aww!


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