10 Fun Summer Activities for You and Your Dog

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One of the long-term effects of global warming is the ever-rising mercury level. According to The Humane Society of the United States, the extreme summer is detrimental to your pet’s health. Did you know that animals can suffer from heat stroke? Thus, as you beat the heat this summer, make sure your pet is able to cope too.

Your pet’s well-being is your responsibility. Your pooch is a part of your family and hence, it is important to keep him safe and in good health. Here are a few enjoyable things to do so that you and your pet dog can have a great summer.

1. Walk and Exercise with Your Mutt

Early morning hours are cooler compared to afternoons. Morning is the ideal time for going on a long walk with your dog. Carry a ball or a Frisbee with you. Dogs like chasing flying objects and it is a good form of exercise too. When left alone, pets tend to get bored and upset. They vent their frustration by chasing other pets and chewing on sofas or shoes. Indulging in physical activity can prevent this. Walks are also important for their physical and mental development.

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2. Try Treat-Stuffed Toys

Digging, barking, marking their territory, and gnawing come naturally to dogs. They can get frustrated if their natural instincts are suppressed. Avoid punishing your pet pooch for improper behavior. Instead, try productive ways to keep him active. Kongs have been used for countless years by dog-owners. These are chewable playthings that bounce about when thrown. Stuff Kongs or any other toy with peanut butter, mashed banana or kibbles. Your furry friend will love the treats and look forward to having more.

a beauceron and australian shepherd mixed breed dog walking in an urban park with a red chew toy in its mouth.

3. Stay Cool and Hydrated

In summers, encourage your dog to drink more water than he usually does. Try adding a little flavor to the fluids he consumes. Add tuna water or beef/lamb/chicken broth to the fresh water bowl. Keep multiple bowls of water in shaded and cool spots. Older pets are more susceptible to dehydration. Watch out for the warning signs like difficulty in breathing and a dry tongue. When it’s awfully hot, wrap icy-cool, wet bandanas around your pet’s neck. This will keep him calm and refreshed the entire day.

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4. Go Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is a fun way to keep your dog’s mind active. Every once in a while, take him to the woods or to a riverside and begin by hiding a treat or a favorite toy somewhere obvious. Let him watch as you hide it. In the beginning, set your dog up for success so that he understands the game. Later, increase the difficulty level to keep him motivated. Hide the delicacies in places where your dog can use his sense of smell to investigate. Reward your dog well when he succeeds.

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5. Make Frozen Delights

Frozen delights are one of the fastest routes to your mutt’s heart. Whip together a variety of seasonal fruits and make appetizing popsicles this summer, or try the Cool Pup Popsicles. Enjoying fruit popsicles is the healthiest, coolest and quickest way to beat the summer heat. Your canine companion will love these frozen treats. You don’t need anything besides a few minutes, some basic ingredients and a freezer to prepare them. You can use watermelons, strawberries, peaches, bananas, pineapples, fruit juices, yogurts, meat and chicken broth, carrots, peas, and beans. Use your creativity and make sweet and savory popsicles.

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6. Keep a Separate Splash-Zone in the Lawn

Most dogs love to play in sprinklers placed in lawns. A sprinkler will operate like a fun-zone for your kids and pet. Encourage your dog to play around it in the heat. This will help regulate his body temperature too.

dog jack russell terrier summer sun splashes

7. Hit the Beach

A good number of popular beaches are dog-friendly. However, you must be aware of the beach rules before you head to one. Most rules refer to observing pet etiquette and cleanliness. It is also crucial to know whether or not your dog needs to be on a leash. Carry a leash to be safe. In the case that your dog can move around without restraint, make sure he is in your control. Whether you take a dip in the sea or play a game of Frisbee along the shore, beach visits are great fun. Your four-legged family member will love going to the beach and will be extremely grateful for the fun.

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8. Go for a Drive-in Movie Date

A drive-in movie or an outdoor movie night at a local park can be an amazing experience for you and your pet. There is nothing like watching a movie under the stars with your best buddy. Your pet also gets to socialize with other pets.

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9. Explore Your City

Involve your dog in a little bit of city sight-seeing. There is no shortage of pet-friendly establishments in the United States. Several cruises, boat trips, restaurants, museums, aquariums, botanical gardens, and shopping malls are open to having pets. Your canine pal can enjoy with you while you visit these dog-friendly destinations.

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10. Go Out Camping

Camping is almost synonymous with summer. A number of provincial, state and city park campsites are open to pets, provided they are on a leash. In fact, a number of parks have gone the extra mile in making these sites pet-friendly. They provide pet cabins on rent and off-leash play areas too.

Camping does take you closer to nature, but it can also expose your pet to a variety of health concerns. Talk to the veterinarian and work out a plan for your pet. It is better to read all about pet wellness before you set out camping.

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Summer is a time for lots of fun activities with family and pets. Yet, you must be aware of the soaring temperature and its effects on your pet. Don’t overdo outdoor activities if it is too hot. Watch out for any signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke in your pet. In the summer, everyone looks forward to spending time outdoors. Use the tips shared in this post to have fun with your pet while staying safe.

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