3 Amazing Rescues That Help Senior Dogs Get Adopted

Senior dogs tend to get passed over in animal shelters. Luckily there’s some amazing rescues that specialize in helping these deserving dogs get that second chance at a forever home.

Helping Senior Dogs Get Adopted

There are many hard to adopt animals sitting in shelters right now and older animals are sitting at the top of that list. Many of them may never leave the shelter unless people are willing to give them a chance. Many potential pet adopters have a specific pet in mind generally not an older dog.

Senior dogs are usually the most overlooked at the shelter, and although the senior stage for dogs is generally thought to begin between 7 and 10 years of age any dog in a shelter that is 5 years or older takes much longer to adopt out. Unfortunately for these senior dogs it usually leads to quick euthanasia when they’re surrendered to an animal shelter. Rescue organizations have much better statistics when it comes to placing older dogs, but it still takes at least twice as long in most situations to find a home for a senior dog.

Adopting a senior dog is wonderful, and there are many reasons why adopting a senior dog is a great idea; but unfortunately for many of us our hearts are bigger than our households;  not all of us have room for another canine. Adopting is a lifetime commitment, it’s not always going to be right time to adopt another dog but you can still help senior dogs get adopted, there are several ways you can help spread the word about our older canine friends in need.

Here’s 3 great examples of rescue organizations and networks that specifically work to help senior dogs live out the rest of their lives in comfort and with the love and care they deserve.

Susie’s Senior Dogs

Susie’s Senior Dogs is a huge network dedicated to sharing the stories of senior dogs in need of placement. They’re working to bring awareness to and increase senior dog adoptions. “People fear adopting an older for a variety of reasons, but we’re here to tell a different story. Senior dogs have so much love to give! And although it’s true that you might have less time together than you would when adopting a puppy, a senior dog makes up for it with their appreciation of being given a second chance. There’s nothing like earning the love an older animal.”

adopt a senior pet

13 year old Nina was surrendered due to housing issues. With the help of Susie’s she found a home.

The Grey Muzzle Organization

The Grey Muzzle Organization isn’t a typical rescue for senior dogs; it helps raise money for animal welfare groups and approved rescues to improve their ability to provide care for senior pets. They also encourage the formation of new rescue groups focused on providing care and comfort for senior dogs, such as hospice care. They annually distribute the funds they’ve raised through grants. The funds are all raised through public donations, they are not a privately endowed foundation.

You can help Grey Muzzle by donating money directly, donating a dog bed, shopping at Amazon Smile, volunteering, or buying something from their cafe press store. If you buy one of their doggie neckerchief’s 100% of what you pay will goes toward helping senior dogs.

Claire is estimated to be a 14 year old Chihuahua mix, she was rescued from a hoarding situation where she was living with 22 other dogs. She’d never been seen by a vet and when she arrived at Blind Dog Rescue she was hairless due to a severe case of Demodex mange. She was also suffering from moderate renal failure, bone disease, eye infections, and only one tooth. Claire was rescued by the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, and with the help of Grey Muzzle she was able to receive medical treatment and she’s now been placed in a sanctuary dog/hospice program.


Claire Before & After the help of Grey Muzzle & The Blind Dog Rescue Alliance

North Shore Animal League

The North Shore Animal League has a great Seniors for Seniors Program.  “Our Seniors for Seniors Program matches amazing adult dogs and cats with caring senior adopters. Adopters 60 or older can adopt an adult pet from North Shore Animal League America.” Qualified adopters pay no adoption fee, and receive many medical coverage benefits through their Medical Center. They can receive free annual vaccinations, free semi annual wellness exams, and no charge for Urinalysis, Thyroid Profile, and CBC Differential SMA procedures.

texas trio

The Texas Trio Ivan, Joshua, and Domino (3 seniors who had lived their whole lives together) were adopted together with the help of North Shore Animal League. Anyone whose worked with rescues knows how hard it is to place bonded pairs, imagine the excitement when they found a home for a trio of seniors.

trio gets adopted

Many members of the Animal League’s staff came to wish Ivan, Joshua, and Domino a fond farewell as they headed to their new forever home

How You Can Help

If you’d like to find a local shelter or rescue organization that specializes in senior dog adoptions the Senior Dogs Project is a great place to start. Help network some of these deserving dogs, most of them are in a shelter by no fault of their own, waiting for a special adopter to come along and give them a chance.

If you know anyone whose considering adopting a dog let them know about all the benefits of adopting a senior dog. They make instant companions and with a few simple tips they tend to adjust to new homes pretty well. If you don’t work in animal rescue support someone that does. Many of these organizations are ran by volunteers who love knowing they’ve got your support. Check out some senior dogs smiling for some proof of how amazing and grateful these dogs are. Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?

Simply like and share some of the current senior dogs in need on social networking sites, sponsor a dog, donate a bed or donate $5. Help celebrate Senior Pet Month by helping senior pets find a great home to live out the rest of their golden years.

If you’re looking for more specific ways to help senior dogs in need I recommend 8 Ways To Help Shelters Without Adopting and You Can Help Animal Shelters Without Leaving Home.

Did I leave any great rescue organizations or individuals out? If you know any other networks associated with helping senior dogs find homes let me know.

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