5 Simple Diet Options To Make A Rottweiler Gain Weight

The Rottweiler, similar to the legendary Greek hero Hercules, is a strong and honest dog, being a warm hearted and loving canine companion. Affectionately known as Rotts or Rotties, this breed emerged in Germany, and they were used to pull carts and drive cattle for butchers and farmers. This heritage is depicted by the Rotts bulky muscled body and broad chest. The Rottweiler movement displays stamina and strength, but his eyes reflect a warm pool of alert, intelligent, mellow and quite a fearless expression. A well-bred Rottweiler is confident and calm. A Rottie is a devoted, loving companion- very protective by nature.


Preventive Techniques to Take Care of!

Just like the health of humans, there are certain preventive techniques and tasks that a Rottweiler owner should take to maintain the pet’s health in the best manner possible. Not surprisingly, many of the health ideas are based on adequate diet, regular exercise, regular vaccinations, living environment and proper veterinarian examinations. By following these general health rules, many of the health conditions and issues can be reduced that arise because of improper care of your Rottweiler. Often, owners might not realise these aspects, but slight changes in the daily routine of your Rottweiler can help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Rottweiler grows to be a rather large dog. If any unexpected surgery or illness occurs, these huge dogs have a tendency to suffer from a significant weight loss. There are times when after an illness, Rottweiler’s have great difficulty in gaining weight. There are many ways to help your kind and loving Rottweiler dog to regain the lost weight including increasing his protein intake and checking his underlying health issues or difficulties regularly.


There are a couple of tips and guidelines to feed your Rottweiler puppy or adult so that he gains weight. Below are enlisted the 5 simple diet options to make your Rottweiler gain weight-

1. Water- Undoubtedly, water is the most essential nutrient. Rottweiler should be given plenty of fresh water regularly. A dehydrated dog tends to lose his weight. A Rottweiler should be given access to as much water as he can consume. Generally, this particular breed requires twenty to forty millimetres of water (per pound of the dog’s body weight).

2. Puppy Nutrition- Feed your Rottweiler with the puppy food that will boost weight. This is because most of the puppy foods are very high in terms of proteins and calories and help in developing fat as well as healthy muscles. Feed your Rottweiler with at least 290 calories per fifteen pounds every day, to help him gain some weight. To avoid upsetting his stomach, mix some puppy food with the current food of your dog slowly. Also, adding canned dog food or a gravy to the dog’s current diet might encourage him to eat more.

Further, A Rottweiler’s muscles and skeletal develops at a slower rate as compared to other dog breeds. This makes it essential to feed him the quality puppy diet food till he is twelve to twenty four months old. If you switch to adult dog food very early, you are exposing him to hip dysplasia or other muscle or bone problems later in his life.

3. Raw food diet – Usually, a raw food diet consists of raw eggs, meat bones, grains, vegetables and fruits. Raw diet food for your dog will help in cleaning and maintaining his 42 teeth. However, research proves that a raw diet should be homemade and must be prepared by an experienced nutritionist. A dog should be given sufficient time to adjust to raw diet food and help him gain his weight.

4. Supplements- Give your Rottweiler vitamin and mineral supplements. Vitamins and minerals are very important for chemical reactions in the body. Make regular visits to your dog’s veterinarian and pick the prescribed supplements for your beloved dog. There are many supplements available for purchase at the feed stores that largely encourage weight gain.

5. Nutritional Needs- An adult Rottweiler requires a proper balance of water, vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbohydrates. Protein intake helps in building and maintaining your dog’s tissue as it provides amino acids for the same. As per William D. Cusick, (the author of book “The Best Diet for a Rottweiler”) avoid giving your dog, beef, horse meat and fish. Instead, he suggested, feed your Rottie with dairy products, poultry and lamb to help him gain weight and get a balanced diet.

Further, carbohydrates are a source of energy. Vegetables, wheat and grains provide the much needed energy and should be your choice. Avoid white rice, soy, and corn as they are difficult to digest.

Also, feed human- grade food that is very high in protein in small portions to your dog. To promote weight gain in Rottweiler, veggies, egg, cheese and fresh meet are a great choice and these protein rich foods can be easily mixed with the Rottweiler’s food. Avoid feeding your dog the greasy meats that lead to the occurrence of diarrhoea and further lead to more weight loss.

An amazing homemade recipe to encourage weight gain for your Rottie is known as “fat ball”. It is prepared by mixing oats, hamburger, molasses, wheat germ and egg yolk into a ball. It should then be fed one pound per twenty pounds of your dog’s weight. For instance, a Rottweiler who weighs eighty pounds should be given four pound fat ball only once a day.


In a nutshell, if your Rottweiler has a glittery coat and remains happy, then consider his diet for weight gain working positively on him. If you can feel his ribs rather than see his ribs, you can be sure that he is eating the right amounts of food. Always read labels whenever you are examining quality dog food to increase weight. The proper food should contain meat as the first ingredient, and avoid meat by products.

Also, as your Rottweiler gets older, adjust his raw diet because senior dogs tend to gain weight easier as they have less activity.

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