5 Ways to Stay Fit With Your Dog

Staying in shape and working out can be so much fun with a playful pet dog. Walking, running, hiking, swimming and agility training is definitely more enjoyable with your wonderful canine companion than going through a rigorous monotonous gym schedule. Sometimes, all we need is a much-needed break from gym fatigue.

Always Warm Up (Yes, Even Dogs Need Them Too!)

Before starting any form of exercise, it is essential for you and your pet to do some brisk warm-up. It is important to gradually increase the frequency and intensity of activity based on your overall fitness level. Take suggestions from your dog’s veterinarian and your doctor on these crucial warming up exercises and workout schedule, which helps the muscles in the body to prepare themselves for increased physical exertion.

So, get ready to lose weight and look fabulous while you exercise with your pet.

active seniors getting ready for a run with their dog outside in green nature

1. Running with your Dog

Running as part of fitness training can make you and your beloved pet healthier. A rejuvenating sprint is a good departure from repetitive (boring) exercise routine and enthuses you and the pet to train with renewed vigor. Run, set the pace to get fit and lose the flab. Running burns a great deal of calories, stimulates the senses and sharpens the alertness of your dog.

boy playing dog on the sea

2. Hiking

Nothing like a good hiking expedition to provide the sensory stimulus to ward off the boredom from you and your pet. Be sure to be adequately prepared for this nature sojourn. Hiking can provide excellent opportunities for the pet breed’s natural instincts to take over and mentally stimulate them, which a routine exercise in the park or backyard cannot do.

woman hiking with akita inu dog looking at sea and mountains view. recreation and healthy lifestyle outdoors in summer nature. beautiful inspirational landscape. trekking and activity concept.

3. Swimming

This is a fantastic way for you and your pooch to release all the pent-up energy. Swimming paves way for an effective yet fun cardio workout for the dog and for you too Nothing beats a good swim to exercise and tone the muscles in all parts of the body. This is a good method to be mentally fit, stimulated and alert, and all this while enjoying a good play time with your dog. This is especially recommended during the summer to help you and your dog to fend off the heat.

golden retriever dog in the water at the beach, relaxing and enjoying the sun, in south africa

4. Agility Training

A fun way to bond with your dog, agility training also helps instill discipline and obedience in your canine partner. Dog agility training methods such as fetching, obstacle racing like running through tunnel set-ups, tire jumps, following commands, performing standard jumps help make your dog fearless, improve behavior and develop a cool temperament. This is a good way to channelize a canine’s natural instincts while providing all-round exercise. Not to mention that this also helps improves your communication skills with your dog and an effective way to strengthen the bond that you two share.

border collie running through agility tunnel

5. Biking

A power-packed walk or a bike ride in the freshness of the open airs helps your dog to become agile. Nature-lovers will simply enjoy this option – Imagine your dog is running alongside your cycle. Prior to that, it is important to ensure that your dog enjoys fast-paced runs, well-trained to verbal commands before you venture into this activity.

beautiful purebred dog running outside during summer time.

Stay Healthy With Your Workout Buddy

Your beloved pet could be the best workout buddy you’ll ever have. Sit back and enjoy the endorphin rush.

PS: Did you know? Dogs that have enjoyable physical activities exhibit fewer behavior problems.

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