7 Proven Strategies to Help your Dog Live Healthier, Longer and Happier!

Typically, a dog has a life span of about ten to fifteen years. Breed type and genetics play a vital role in determining a dog’s life span, but certainly there are many factors that are within your control to increase your beloved dog’s life expectancy. There is no doubt about it that all the dog lovers want to maximize the life of their dogs and enjoy the most with their fur babies. To enhance your dog’s life, you need to maintain him in better shape both mentally as well as physically. If you love your dog more than infinity, help him live longer with the below mentioned tips. These tips and tricks will certainly help you in extending your dog’s life

1. Put your canine companion on a healthy and balanced diet


Try to set particular feeding times for your dog. Generally, dogs who are bored and who have access to full food bowls tend to become obese. It was found in a study that the dogs that are obese generally live less than two years than their healthy counterparts. Further, obese canines have an increased risk of bladder problems, joint problems, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many more such problems. Obesity is the biggest threat to your dog. You need to find out the right amount of calories as required by your dog. But switching to a healthier version of your dog’s food is not enough. More is required to increase the life span of your furry baby. Even a quality calorie diet should work fine to make your dog live longer.

2. Regular grooming


Hygiene and cleanliness is very essential for dogs. A complete, consistent and daily grooming care is extremely imperative for your dog to live longer. You can also find a comprehensive oral, dental and grooming kit online which includes all the things that you will need for your dog.

3. Do not forget to brush your dog’s teeth


Generally, dental care is not taken into consideration by the owners while taking care of their pets. Brushing your dog’s teeth on a regular basis is very important for his dental care. It’s not normal for your dog to have bad breath. Unfortunately, poor dental hygiene can lead to the formation of plaque, then gingivitis, and eventually periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a type of mouth bacterial infection that is associated with the organ damage and heart disease in dogs.

Further, a complete dental care is also very essential to increase dog’s life. Poor oral care of your dog can lead to serious dental pain as well as a chronic infection or even cancer. So, brush his teeth regularly, provide him with safe chewy toys as well as dental treats and visit the doctor annually for his regular dental check up.

4. Beef up your dog’s exercise routine


 Taking care of the diet is not enough; making your dog exercise regularly prolongs your dog’s life. There are no set general guidelines or rules to make your dog exercise. But aim to provide rigorous exercise to your dog every day. “Strong dogs always stay young and happy”. Give him some aerobic exercises daily. But avoid giving him too much stress; build his stamina day by day. You can also take him for a swim to get him moving. Exercise helps in decreasing stress, balance emotions and moods and increase endorphins in dogs. Physical activity will not only keep your dog healthy, but also happy.

5.Ensure regular check- ups and vaccinations of your canine companion

dog checkup

Even if your dog appears in good health and shape update his medical prescriptions with his vet. Give him proper medications as well as preventive treatments. For instance, dogs are allergic to corn and so they should be avoided in the dog food. Avoid giving them sugar as well. Sugar acts like evil for the dog.

Visit your doctor at least once a year, even if your dog is fit and fine. Increase the number of visits as your dog gets older. Also, rabies vaccine should be kept in mind while taking care of your pet, but it should be accompanied by proper precautions, as some vaccines can cause severe reaction on your dog.

6. Train them well


Dogs need to be trained well to control their behavior. With training, he might respond better to your health treatments and habits targeted towards him. Similar to humans, dogs need to keep their brains active and memory sharp. Training might not exactly increase the life span of your dog, but it will encourage all the good habits in him and improve his quality of life span.

7. Give your canine companion ample time to relax


Everyone requires time to relax, dogs are no exception. Dogs can stay in a constant state of anxiety, so stress can have an adverse effect on them. Try to create some balance in the lifestyle of your dog, so that he is able to exercise and also enjoy with the family along with gaining some adequate rest. As a lot of energy is taken to run around the house, family and keep up with the excitement, so it becomes essential for your dog to sleep on his own. Permit your dog to sleep and rest for at least two hours in a day. Also, never force him to indulge in activities in which he is not at all interested.

In a nutshell, to prolong the life of your dog, provide him with the healthiest lifestyle, including maintenance of optimal weight, sufficient daily exercise, rest and relaxation and regular vaccinations and checkups. Always take care of your loyal and beloved furry canine companion as you would take of your family member. A happy dog is a healthier dog. With conscientious love, care, enrichment and regular doctor visits, you might succeed in giving your courteous dog some extra years to live. So, try to spend the most precious time with your dog and give him the opportunity to appreciate your immense love and support.


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