A changing trend. Because they ALL count

20170104_215845Banjo is very playful and loves to go for walks and adventutes. He’s extremely smart and has learned a multitude of tricks and commands over the last few months and is always eager to learn more. He is very friendly and immediately tries to become best friends with any dog he meets. He’s loves to make up his own language of hilarious sounds to let you know what he’s thinking in all situations.IMG_20170122_191636_133

Although Banjo is outwardly perfect, sadly he was born with a congenital heart condition. Banjo has just returned from a cardiac consultation at Texas A&M to determine whether or not his heart could be surgically repaired and lucky for Banjo it is. Banjo needs a balloon valvuloplasty procedure to repair pulmonic stenosis.

Unfortunately this procedure is very costly and is difficult for even the best pet owners to fund.

This is where you come in.

For dogs like Banjo it truly does take a village to get him the help he needs. In most shelters these innocent animals are euthanized because of financial constraints. Austin Pets Alive! needs your help to change this trend. One dog at a time.

Donate to Banjo today and become a part of this change.


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