Adoption Lessons: Never Judge a Cat by its…Cover

Adoption Lessons: Never Judge a Cat by its…Cover

At Austin Pets Alive! we love reading happy ending stories for all the pets who touch our lives.  We recently received one such story which included a little lesson learned by the Adopters.

Hello. My family, who are my husband Kirk, three year old son TJ, and I recently adopted Adelle from your Lakeline Petco location. I have to be honest, when we went to meet Adelle, she was not exactly what I had hoped. She seemed dirty, skinny, she had a cone around her neck from a recent surgery, and would not come out from under the cat tower where she was hiding. She was less than enthusiastic about meeting people.

We have had quite a history of visiting shelters and looking for a special cat to join our family. Always we had encountered a problem with the prospective cat not quite clicking with our 3 year old. TJ would get growled at, swiped at, and lunged at, which were behaviors we simply would not tolerate.  And here was Adelle, who looked like she had come straight from the alley to the shelter. I was less than hopeful when we met her simply because of her looks.  To top it off, she wouldn’t come out to greet us.  I resigned to make the time spent a courtesy since we made the trip.  As Kirk and TJ kept trying to coax Adelle from her hiding, I stood back and watched. Finally, Heather, the Austin Pets Alive! adoption counselor, took the initiative and pulled Adelle from under the cat tower. She sat with Adelle on her lap and Kirk and TJ came over and I saw something amazing. Adelle had patience, and calmness with TJ and was gentle to his toddler energy. Kirk and I were overjoyed. After filling out the paperwork and having a great counseling session with Heather, we made the trip home with Adelle.

Her new nickname is Kitty since this is the easiest for TJ to remember. Kitty is keeping true to her nature and is so easy for TJ to play with. She is an independent cat with a youthful spirit and loves to play with us but she really enjoys her quiet time when we are away at work. She took to the litter box very well even after we changed the placement THREE TIMES because we wanted the placement to be perfect for our house.

She has gained weight, healed from her spay surgery, and her coat is thick and clean. The visually unpleasing things I mentioned earlier have all cleared up and I learned from Heather how well she had been taken care of in the shelter by Austin Pets Alive!. Heather had explained that she was dirty because she had to wear a cone for her spay incision to heal and couldn’t clean herself, she was skinny because she had 2 dominant males in her enclosure with her and she is a shy and to her self kind of cat, and this is also why she wouldn’t come out from hiding. In other words, she was being very well cared for and I’m glad I didn’t let those visual items deter me from making a great decision to adopt her. I am grateful to Heather for being so knowledgeable.

We love Kitty and we are so glad to have her!

Thank you Austin Pets Alive! for all you do!

Jessica, Kirk, TJ, and Kitty

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Thanks Jessica, Kirk and TJ for trusting us and especially for giving Kitty a wonderful, loving home.

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