APA! Transport Vehicles Take on Wear to Rescue Austin Pets

You’ve probably read it countless times now. Austin Pets Alive! rescues thousands of dogs and cats of all ages, and in all sorts of physical conditions, but you might not consider the efforts taken to get them to our shelter. In addition to the thousands of dedicated volunteers who offer to take rescued animals on their “freedom ride” to APA!, we have employees who drive to neighboring counties in one of our three unmarked white animal transport vans to pick up those animals on euthanasia lists.

These vans experience a lot of wear and tear out on — sometimes — unpaved, uneven country roads, and the cooling system gets tested regularly every time it is forced to sit idling in traffic in the Texas heat. All of that to say, these vehicles work just as hard as our adoption counselors do to get our companion animals to the myriad of community and adoption events we have every weekend.

One can only surmise that with that much use the vans would eventually breakdown, and they have, many times.

In fact, a few weeks back one of our adoption counselors was traveling back to the shelter from a neighboring county with 14 dogs and cats in tow when his van broke down in the passing lane of I-35N. Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait too terribly long in the sticky humidity before a tow truck arrived to rescue him and the cats and dogs who were waiting patiently in their carriers in the threadbare van.

While these major inconveniences don’t happen too often, we are grateful to have supporters like Austin Infiniti who give these transport vans a “tune up” whenever they need it. The Austin Infiniti maintenance team regularly provides their services to these animal transport vehicles at no cost to APA! and we want to take this opportunity to thank them for their commitment to supporting the work of Austin Pets Alive!.

Thank you, Austin Infiniti!


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