Are You a Good Dog Owner? Find Out Yourself!

I own a pet and I want the crown of being a good dog owner. Everyone would just love to have that! So, what is required to have that crown?

Proper hygiene, healthy habits, regular walks or something else that you still aren’t aware of?

If you own a dog and want to find out the answer whether you are a good dog owner or not then answer the below questions:


1- Do you take your dog to the vet regularly?

2- How often do you play with you puppy or dog?

3- Do you take your dog for morning or evening walks?

4- Do you leave your dog alone in the house often?

5- Do you punish your dog?

6- Have you taken the necessary steps to train your dog?

7- Do you take measures to keep your dog neat and healthy?

8- Have you taken all the necessary vaccinations for your dog?

9- You always tie up your dog with a collar even when he is at room.

10- Are you aware of the necessary feeding supplements needed for your dog?

11- Do you over-feed your dog often?

12- Does your dog smiles at you when you return home?

13- Do you regard pets as a part of your life?

14- Have you ever prepared a special dish for your dog yourself?

15- Does your dog wear clothes at extreme weather conditions?

16- Do you take initiatives to remain educated about pet healthy habits by attending seminars for dog owners?

17- Does your dog have a collection of his own set of toys?

18- Are you always willing to make sacrifices for your dog?

19- Are you aware of the foods that your dog cannot eat?

20- Can you interpret your dog’s signal to go to the washroom?

21- Have you ever bought a designer dress for your pooch?

22- Do you use feeding bowls to feed your dog?

23- Do you follow a fixed schedule to feed your dog?

24- Are you willing to learn and change for your dog?

25- Do you take measures to socialize your pet?

If you have answered in YES for all of the above questions then you are a good dog owner else if you have answered in NO for a majority of the above questions then you need training to become a good owner.

Hope you liked these set of questions. You think we missed some? Please let us know in your comments below.

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