Bear is living his happily furever after as a three-legged dog

6eb9a538-ff85-46f4-bd46-8cfddc5e21e3Bear is the very model of a gentle giant – sweet, mellow and full of love at his dainty 85 pounds. This big boy came to the shelter after being left outdoors, suffering neglect, abuse and injury, and deprived of any health care. When Bear came to APA! his back left leg showed obvious injury from a history of being hit by cars and suffering from possible gunshot wounds.

Bear never held his past adversity against anyone and proved to be a wonderful playmate for other dogs of all sizes and an affectionate companion to his human friends. While he was in foster care, he felt a bit of anxiety when he lived inside for the first time in his life, eventually becoming accustomed to the creature comforts of home.

6813c071-621e-4c40-95d9-a8306df83032 Our medical clinic noted that Bear’s foot was missing toes and was noticeably shorter that his other hind leg. The leg injury was likely caused by an old traumatic event which lead to avascular necrosis – the death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply. The clinic recommended the amputation of the left hind leg as it was prone to septic arthritis and of little benefit to Bear’s mobility.

To provide Bear will the best medical care for his injuries, we asked our friends at BEEVET Animal Hospital to perform Bear’s leg amputation. “We really enjoy working with Austin Pets Alive!,” said Dr. Jackie Chow of BEEVET Animal Hospital. “Through hard work and diligence, they have given these pets a second chance and we are thrilled to be a part of that. These surgeries range from simple to complex and are often times a crucial part of finding a forever home for these pets, and it’s a wonderful learning opportunity for the BEEVET team.”

“Bear’s injuries pointed to trauma that was likely the result of being hit by a car,” said Dr. Dustin Zimmer who performed Bear’s surgery. “Often times, with injuries like this, amputation is the best option. Bear can still live a happy, healthy life without the pain of his damaged leg. The surgery went smoothly, Bear has recovered greatly, he’s been adopted and we are so thankful to be a part of his happy ending.”

By removing the leg, Bear now has a better quality of life with a lot less pain and discomfort. Bear is a total lovebug and sweetheart which made all that extra care worthwhile. Now in his adoptive home and loving life as a three-legged dog, Bear is living his happily furever after.


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