Can You See What Truly Makes Peanut Special?

A guest post by Kaylee Russell

Can You See What Truly Makes Peanut Special?

People who meet Peanut can’t help but fall in love with him; he’s just that kind of cat—extremely friendly, easy-going and with a gentle sweetness about him that will simply melt your heart! He can even win over the staunchest of dog lovers. Here’s what one canine enthusiast has to say about him:

Peanut the cat“He is a sweet cat and will love you 10 times more than you can love him. I’m a dog person and I feel most cats DGAF about you, but Peanut is very loving. This special needs cat deserves a special owner.”

Peanut is living with a wonderful foster while he waits to find his forever home. He currently resides in the bathroom where he has the cutest way of requesting nuzzles! This is how Peanut’s foster describes it:

“His home is currently my bathroom and when I’m getting ready in the morning and winding down at night, he’ll sit on the counter and reach out his paw to touch my cheek or shoulder to get my attention to turn and butt heads.”

Peanut on a chairDid we mention that Peanut is a social butterfly? According to his foster,

“He has sniffed noses and gotten along with my cats and dog.”

Every new encounter means an opportunity for another fun friend as far as Peanut is concerned!

So why is it that such an amazing cat is still in search of a forever home, you ask? The only answer we can come up with is that potential adopters may hesitate to sweep this terrific furry-wonder up and take him home because Peanut is diabetic. For those unfamiliar with caring for a diabetic cat, this condition may seem intimidating and be enough for them to walk away from this little fellow. But, we want them to know they should turn right back around!

The health care needs of diabetic cats are different in some respects from those of non-diabetic kitties. But, different doesn’t necessarily mean difficult. By way of example, the insulin shots that may discourage some adopters are actually a breeze for Peanut and his caregivers. Here’s how a friend who has spent time with Peanut recently put it:

“I’ve looked after Peanut…and I can attest that there should be no fear in the insulin injections. Peanut gets them all the time and literally has no negative response to them.”

We can say with certainty that diabetic or not, Peanut has the most beautiful soul. He has such a congenial personality and his desire to bond with humans is palpable and precious.
We hope that someone will see Peanut not for the condition he has, but for the special kitty that he is. If that someone could be you, email hidden; JavaScript is required

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