CGC-Ready Program Internships

As soon as the Austin Pets Alive! Canine Good Citizen-Ready Program was created, it immediately became a crucial aspect of APA!’s solutions for the “last piece of no-kill”; Austin’s large, high-energy dogs. In the first two years of the program, the Length of Stay for large adult dogs dropped by 80%, and the Return Rate fell by almost 20%. Through personalized training, marketing, and post-adoption support, dogs who would otherwise be some of the hardest to adopt — or even euthanized in other cities — have now become adoptable, highly trained pets through this ground-breaking program.

Austin Pets Alive! is now hosting four-day apprenticeship opportunities that will teach you how to create a CGC-Ready Program at your very own shelter/rescue group. As space permits, these apprenticeships are also open to private dog-enthusiasts who are interested in bolstering their skill-sets. Over the course of the four days, apprentices will be taught every aspect of what makes our CGC-Ready Program so successful, including:

  • Our comprehensive approach to dog training that has been refined to reach all dogs and save more lives
  • Specific training and behavior modification protocols for common behavior challenges
  • CGC test components and how to train your dogs to pass the test
  • How to select which dogs are candidates
  • Volunteer utilization and team building in order to grow the program and reach more dogs
  • Marketing strategies for dogs in the program
  • Data-tracking to measure the outcomes of the program
  • Post-Adoption training support guidelines
  • Lessons learned and troubleshooting tips

2018 Update:
This learning opportunity is now a part of the Maddie’s Lifesaving Academy at Austin Pets Alive!. Read more about the Maddie’s CGC-Ready Apprenticeship and apply to participate here.

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