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  • Aurora James : Hi, Pets and people are leaning on one another pretty heavily during this trying time. That’s why so many kind-hearted individuals are offering to foster pets from their local shelters right now. In response, I am putting together a guide for people who want to give a pet a home through the pandemic. Would you be interested in posting it on your site when I’m done? If so, I can send it over free of charge and will include a link to your website in the guide. Let me know if you'd like to ta
  • guest_2724 : Hi , This is richard.. How are you ? I am a big fan of your blog and have been a reader for quite a while. I am a professional writer with a lot of blogging experience, so you can count on me to produce quality content. I saw that you featured some guest posts in the past and I thought the piece was an excellent fit for your site and your readers. Let me know if you’d be interested in reading and possibly hosting an article; I’m excited about the possibility of working with you.You may chec
  • Lily S. Clark : Hi Pets 99, My name is Lily. I can see that you linked to an outdated article: It's in your article "Cat Behavior: Socializing Cats with Other Cats " Here's the URL of your article: If you're open to suggestions for a replacement, I recently wrote an Introduction to Cats guide about "How to Bring Home a New Cat when You Have Other Pets" It's m
  • Jordan Clark Martin : Hello there! It’s Jordan Clark from the Content Team of FOMO Bones. We write articles that mainly focus on relieving anxiety and FOMO a.k.a “Fear Of Missing Out” for dogs and pet parents all across the globe. We’d like to pass along useful information on combating dog’s struggle on anxiety and stress, so we’re looking for sites who would be willing to collaborate with us. I was able to research your site: and thought to share our content: • CBD for Dog Anxiety Sympt
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