Dog Breeds That Begin With ‘E’

English Cocker Spaniel England These dog breeds are Largerin size, the English Cocker has less coat and is devoted, affectionate, and funny dog.English Cocker Spaniel known as compact and well Balanced Dog. English Cocker Spaniel  Small Sized Entlebucher Sennenhund Switzerland These are sturdy dog breeds known for their typical working dog features. They have short hair and learn quickly Entlebucher Sennenhund Medium Sized English Setter England They have gorgeous white coat flecked with tan (orange belton) or black (blue belton). Some dogs have tricolor, having black flecks on the coat and tan points on the legs and muzzle. English Setter Small Sized English Toy Spaniel England These dogs are affectionate and willing to please. These are restful dogs but they have the heart of a lion if he believes a person is in danger. English Toy Spaniel Medium-Large Sized English Foxhound Great Britain They have been bred for more than 150 years and were used for fox hunting, but with plenty of exercise he can also make a fine family companion. His voice and size make him best suited to a rural home. English Foxhound Large sized English Shepherd England & Southern Scotland These guarding dogs are independent nature. They sometimes become stubborn when they don’t get enough exercise. English Foxhound Medium Sized English Springer Spaniel England They are great family dogs known for their happy, lively personality, but their versatility makes them popular for a variety of activities, like field trials, hunting, the show ring, and all kinds of dog sports. English Springer Spaniel Large sized Eurasier Germany The medium-size Eurasier has the characteristics of a spitz breed: a wedge-shaped head, a thick double coat that can be almost any color and prick ears. Eurasier Small Sized English Pointer England One of the earliest Sporting breeds; they were used as far back as the 17th century to point hares and later birds for the new 18th century sport of “wing shooting.” English Pointer Medium Sized English Boodle United States It’s a Cross breed of English Bull Dog and Poodle. These breeds are known for their alert, gentle, loving and social temperament. English Boodle Medium Sized EstrelaMountain Dog Portugal & Spain These Dog Breed are found in mountains or hilly areas. They are athletic Dog, also called guard dog. EstrelaMountain Dog Large Sized Dog

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