Dog Breeds That Starts with ‘K’

Kai Ken Japan This breed hails from Japan where it is a natural monument. It has been bred for centuries. These dogs are extremely rare even in its native land and is related to the Japanese Spitz dog type. Kai Ken Medium sized Dog Karelian Bear Dog Europe They are medium purebred dogs known for being alert, aggressive, independent, courageous, intelligent, and loyal. The most common colors for these dogs are white and black. To keep these dogs healthy, they will need to get exercise regularly. They commonly participate in hunting. Karelian Bear Dog Medium sized Dog Keeshond Netherland They are medium purebred dogs and are alert, energetic, affectionate, intelligent, and playful. They come in black, gray, silver, and white colors. To keep them healthy, they need to get exercise regularly. They participate in agility and competitive obedience. Keeshond Medium sized Dog Kerry Blue Terrier Ireland These medium purebred dogs are known for being affectionate, alert, aggressive, gentle, independent, playful, loyal, and protective. They come in black, blue, gray, and silver. They need regular exercise. Keeshond Medium sized Dog Kishu Ken Japan These Japanese dogs are developed thousands of years ago. They are descended from ancient medium-sized breeds. They are named after the Kishu region, now Wakayama Prefecture. They are brave and courageous as hunters, and will be loyal to their owners. Kerry Blue Terrier Medium sized Dog Komondor Hungary These dogs are strong, protective, and reserved. These dogs require experienced pet owners due to their dominant temperament. komondor Large sized dog Kromfohrlander Germany They are intelligent dogs. These are playful and friendly with kids and other smaller pets. They are also quite active Kromfohrlander Medium sized Dog Kuvasz Tibet These fearless, dogs are very intelligent and protective. But, due to their stubborn nature they are not easy to train Kuvasz Large sized dog Kangal Japan They are giant purebreds known for being affectionate. The most common colors for these dogs are cream, black, and gray. They commonly participate in guarding. Kangal Large sized dog King Shepherd Germany They are giant cross breed dogs known for being gentle, courageous, loving, intelligent, and protective. They are cross of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog, Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd. The most common colors for these dogs are black, black and tan, cream, sable, and white. They commonly participates in herding. King Shepherd Large sized dog Kooikerhondje United States Tey are medium purebred known for being cheerful, alert, lively, loving, intelligent, out-going, and territorial. The most common color for these these dogs is orange. They commonly participates in hunting. Kooikerhondje Small-Medium Sized Dog Kyi-Leo Asia They are small cross breed dogs known for being cheerful, alert, gentle, lively, loving, friendly, playful, and quiet. They are the cross of the Lhasa Apso and Maltese. The most common colors for these dogs are silver, black, white, and yellow. To keep it healthy, it will need exercise regularly. Kyi-Leo Small Size Dog

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