Ear Injuries in Chinchillas

Ear Trauma

Ear injuries (or traumas) are common in chinchillas because of their very delicate ears. Fights with other animals or exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures can frequently bring on these types of injuries. If the ear injury has resulted in deep cuts or wounds, proper veterinary care is needed because it can quickly lead to bacterial or viral infections.

Symptoms and Types

  • Bite marks or deep cuts on its ear
  • Swollen and reddened ear
  • Fluid discharge excreting from affected ear area

In cases of exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures:

  • A line separating normal and damaged tissue
  • Blackened or discolored ears
  • Skin sheds (or sloughs)


Ear injuries in chinchillas may be due to a bite from another animal or a self-inflicted wound, or exposure to extreme temperatures. Chinchillas with delicate ears are more prone to these type of injuries.


An examination of the chinchilla’s ear, along with a through medical history of the animal, may help your veterinarian make a diagnosis for the cause of the ear injury.


Any drug that kills organisms in an animal’s tissue or prevents the growth of more.

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