Falcor Is All Fixed Up Thanks To BEEVET

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Falcor is a 10 year old poodle mix currently in foster with Austin Pets Alive!. Falcor was brought into APA! programs back in August when he was transferred from Austin Animal Center as a medical case due to severe emaciation and dental disease. Thanks to BEEVET Animal Hospital, Falcor has received surgery to remove multiple decaying teeth and repair two oronasal fistulas in his mouth. If left untreated, an oronasal fistula can cause pets discomfort and even infection.

Luckily, Falcor’s surgery was a success and the veterinarians at BEEVET were pleased with Falcor’s recovery stating that, “He woke up quickly from anesthesia and had a great appetite!” Without the discomfort that the dental disease was causing, Falcor has gained 10 pounds and is loving life in his foster home waiting for his forever family. Learn more about Falcor.

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