Firehouse Animal Health Center Helps Senior Cat

Senior cats especially need routine dental care.

Just like humans, animals require dental checkups and cleanings to prevent dental disease and other health issues. Our clinic takes on high volumes of spays, neuters and other life-saving/enhancing surgeries each day, sometimes leaving staff short on bandwidth. Thankfully, we are able to lean on our network of veterinary partners in the community to support some of our more complicated cases.

One such partner who has been with APA! for many years now is Firehouse Animal Health Center. They recently took on an extensive dental procedure for our clinic extracting 10 teeth from one of our older rescues.

“The patient presented stomatitis, a condition characterized by severe inflammation of the tissue in the mouth which can be caused by a variety of factors. This is a very painful disease and unfortunately a common condition in cats. Treatment frequently requires surgical extraction of many, if not all, teeth and this cat was no exception. It has been a rough recovery process but she is a tough girl and we are confident that her big personality and resilience will ensure her a great life and companion to someone special.” – Dr. Genna Mize

From Firehouse Animal Health Center:

When the viability of a tooth has been compromised, it must be extracted. Following extractions, it is important to prevent your pet from chewing on toys or any hard material. It is also best to feed them canned food or food that has been softened with warm water. These restrictions should be enforced for two weeks post-extraction.

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