Gastrointestinal Parasites (Tapeworms) in Birds

Avian Tapeworms in Birds

Gastrointestinal parasites can cause many problems in a bird’s stomach and intestines, but also affects the normal functions of other organs. Tapeworms, is a type of parasite which affects the bird’s digestive tract.

Birds commonly affected by tapeworms are cockatoos, African Grey parrots, and finches.

Symptoms and Types

Tapeworms found in the stomach and intestines of an infected bird do not show any obvious symptoms. However, tapeworms can be found in the infected bird’s droppings, if they are carefully inspected.


Tapeworms are contracted from infected birds or animals, usually wild birds. But birds can also get infected by eating animals with tapeworms, such as insects, slugs, earthworms, and spiders.


Term used to refer to an animal to whom a deworming agent has been administered.


The digestive tract containing the stomach and intestine


The feces of an animal

digestive tract

The whole system involved in digestion from mouth to anus

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