Give Your Feedback On APA’s Location at Lamar Beach

On January 27, 2016, the Parks and Recreation Department presented four alternatives for the development of Lamar Beach. You can see the options here under meeting #3. You can provide your feedback by taking the survey. Below are APA!’s preferred options.

  1. Current Alignment: APA likes this plan the best because nothing really changes except the park gets beautified and parking becomes more organized.
  2. Urban Street Alignment: This plan needs work because it is essential that APA is able to start work on renovation/rebuilding very soon for the sake of the animals.  if the road passes behind APA, then APA is dependent on a bond election in 2018 and possibly another 5-7 years of work done to the site before APA’s final building would be finished.  That is too long.  If the road passed in front of APA instead of behind APA, this plan would be acceptablebecause APA would be able to start renovations/rebuilding even if the bond is not passed.
  3. Separated Systems Alignment: It is unlikely the city will move Cesar Chavez due to cost and driver inconvenience during construction but if they did, APA would not like this plan because it requires the road to pass behind APA rather than in front. That configuration would require APA to wait on the bond and the Lamar Beach construction in order to finish our building.
  4. Hybrid Alternative:  It is unlikely the city will move Cesar Chavez due to cost and driver inconvenience during construction but if they did, APA would like this plan because the road configuration would allow APA to start renovations/rebuilding immediately.  The only other negative is that the traffic from the high school to and from Lamar would have to go through the park which increases park traffic and could cause accidents.  It does increase the park accessibiliy for APA visitors which is nice.

Thank you for your participation in this process- your voice is very important as this city decides its priorities. The deadline for feedback online is Feb 19.  As you will see in the presentation, there will be opportunities for us to speak at boards and commissions and then in front of council in May.  Stay tuned for next steps!

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