Hector is feeling better thanks to Firehouse Animal Health Center

Hector 5At 8 years old, Hector is a senior cat that was in desperate need of oral care when he came into the APA! Cat Program. His mouth was so painful he could not eat well and was constantly drooling. Due to the extent of his dental disease and the extractions necessary to relieve his pain, we could not perform the work he needed at the Austin Pets Alive! Medical Clinic due to our limited resources.faught kyle jason in sx hector

Thankfully our friends at Firehouse Animal Health Center accepted Hector as a patient right away getting him the treatment he so desperately needed. They removed all his bad teeth and cleaned the remaining teeth.

Dr. John Faught from Firehouse Animal Health Center performed the surgery and had this to say about Hector and APA!,

 “We recognize the great work APA is doing in the community finding homes for pets that likely would not have one. Hector is a great example of a pet with severe pain and disease that would not have been treated without the partnership between APA and Firehouse. We hope to continue helping APA to provide better health and happiness for the animals of Austin, TX.”

upper incisorsSo far Hector is doing extremely well and no longer has any mouth pain to cause him strife. Without Firehouse Animal Health Center’s generosity in treating Hector at no cost to APA!, it’s likely that Hector would still be living with a painful mouth. Hector is available for adoption at Town Lake Animal Center.

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