Hey! I’m Axel.

Hey! I’m Axel.


You know how some dogs don’t know how to act? Like, do you know dogs that lose their cool if you take them out in public, or leave them home alone? Yeah… that’s not me. I’ve got it together. I’m not into any of that dumb stuff, like tearing up furniture, or digging up my yard. I’d never think of relieving myself inside my house. That’s gross. Who does that?

My foster parents think I’m smart, but frankly, they’re pretty easily impressed. They get all excited when I sit, stay, lay down, or roll over on command. They like it when they’ve served up my food, and I wait to eat until they say it’s o.k. to take it. It’s pretty basic, but the praise is great. They get excited. I get happy. Life’s good.

Some people think I look tough. Part of that has to do with them jumping to conclusions based on my heritage, or the way I look. People are silly that way. I mean, you all look pretty rough to me, but I like to think I’m not a shallow dog.

Speaking of people-some of them don’t have it together, either. Have you ever met someone for the first time, and they’re all huggy like they’ve known you forever. Yeah… that creeps me out. I’m not really great at pretending either. I can spot ‘em a mile away and when I do, I’m out (not out as in running away, just like, you know, retreating to safety). The truth is, I’m a little bit of a chicken sometimes.

I’ve got a good thing going with my foster family. They think I’m really cool, and I get along with them really well. I think it’s because I’m really well behaved, and that they aren’t too pushy. They love up on me and snuggle me, take me out for runs, and let me nap when I feel like it. It’s pretty chill at their place, and I go with the flow.

They also say I’m a little bit of a Mama’s Boy. I guess that’s true. It’s also been nice because it’s just me and my foster parents. There aren’t any other 4-legged animals around, which is good. I’m not really sure how I’d feel about that. I do like when their friends and kids are over. I wasn’t sure at first about new people, but I definitely have made some new friends since being with them this last year.

Unfortunately, I’m only here for a little while longer. They like to help dogs find permanent homes, and I want to find a great place soon so they can help someone else like me. It still has to be the right fit, though.

So, if you think you’re down with a really cool dog, let’s get together and figure it out. Read more about me.

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