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Facts About Cushing’s Disease In Dogs



It’s important to know all the facts about Cushing’s disease.

This disease is presently being diagnosed at earlier stages in life. However, a dog should still have some of the symptoms and a low urine specific gravity to consider it.

Both Trilostane and Lysodren are detoxed by the liver. In fact, it’s clearly stated that you shouldn’t give Trilostane to a dog who has kidney or liver disease. So there’s no good reason to place an animal with a liver problem and not Cushing’s disease on either of these drugs.

I wanted to bring you the very best information on Cushing’s syndrome, I spoke with Dr Rhett Nichols. Dr Nichols is a world renowned expert in endocrinology. He said:

“I believe these tests are reliable if used properly. A major point that should be made is that any screening test for any disease should only be applied to a population of animals/people where it is likely they have the disorder based on history, physical exam findings, and lab work. If a screening test is applied to animals where the disorder is unlikely, false positives (outliers) are going to occur. Bottom line? The screening tests are not bad, but their use in certain situations (eg high ALP with no clinical signs, sick animals with no signs consistent with Cushing’s) is questionable.”

Holistic Options
What if your dog really does have Cushing’s disease? Is there anything holistic you can do?

I’ve used homeopathic ACTH with some slight success and Chinese herbs with great success.

The most effective Chinese herbs I’ve used, from the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine, are:

Rehmannia 11
Rehmannia 14
Ophiopogon Powder
Liver Happy
You can get these herbal combinations from a variety of Chinese herb companies.

[RELATED] There are several natural remedies to help you manage Cushing’s disease in dogs. Find them here. 

I apologize for the rather clinical disposition of this article. I wanted you to know the facts and understand how the testing procedure for Cushing’s disease works. This info will help save unnecessary expenses and worry. Both pickles and Cushing’s disease can make one thirsty but there’s no need to be in a pickle with Cushing’s.

Deva Khalsa VMD
Since beginning her holistically oriented veterinary practice over 25 years ago, Dr Deva Khalsa has been incorporating homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutritional advice into her practice. She also offers her unique Allergy Elimination 4 Pet technique to naturally reboot your pet's inappropriate immune system responses. She's the author of Dr Khalsa's Natural Dog, now in its second edition.



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