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Training a cat named Lola


I have an 11 year old Tortoise shell cat named Lola. She's totally an indoor cat, pretty chill and mostly well behaved, and one day she started peeing on furniture which was really unlike her. She seemed physically well, eating as usual, etc... so I blamed it on my being out of town 3 weeks out of 4 that month. She was left with only a daily visit from a cat sitter during that time. I decided to take her to the vet's and discovered that she had a uti, probably because of cat's low interest in drinking water, and her diet was mostly dry food as well. Dehydration can cause a uti. 

Well we remedied that with antibiotics, but after the course ended, she would continue to go to the bathroom wherever she wanted. This was especially odd because since she was 4 1/2 months old, Lola was trained to use a human toilet for all of her business! And, for 11 years, she used it religiously! 
After the uti was cleared, and she continued to have accidents everywhere I decided  to get a litter box to see if I could curb the issue with that. I bought the rolled paper clumping little because my concern was to keep the mess factor down. I was less that happy to have a litter box after 11 years of just flushing the toilet, but I love my Lola and just wanted her to get back on track with a normal situation. I was really at my wits end when she only used that litter box once in 2 weeks. I would put her on the toilet to prompt her to use it, but I think that was stressing her out even more. I didn't want to find a new home for her, but I simply couldn't keep going on with potty accidents on a daily basis either.


I had a recommendation for a cat psychic, but when she promoted that she could work over the phone or on skype, I was a bit leary. She wasn't cheap either. 
So enter a friends recommendation of "The Cat Counselor"! Her website and creds certainly looked impressive, and her rate also seemed fair. She had realistic outcomes also noted, so I reached out to her for an appt. asap. She fit me in rather quickly even though it clearly states that you might have to wait a few - 3 weeks to get an in person appointment with her. 
She was very thorough with her pre-visit questionnaire, and pre appointment preparations. 
The day of the appointment went very well, I had a friend here with me to help with taking notes and bringing up anything I may have forgotten to mention, as he had heard the whole story more than once already!    
We discussed everything in detail, and she spent some one on one time with Lola, well, as much as Lola would allow. Lol!
She got back with me by the end of the day with a whole breakdown on the issues and how she felt they might be rectified. 
Cristin should be called The Cat Genius" not The Cat Counselor" because almost immediately after I began implementing her recommendations with Lola, she got back on track. She is no longer using the toilet, but I think she has some arthritis in her legs, and jumping up and down was probably causing her pain. But with a new litter type and brand that Cristin recommended, she is 100% using only that for her potty needs. 

Second issue, scratching on, and ruining upholstered furniture. I wont go as into detail on this one, but the type of scratching material that was recommended started working right away. So hopefully she finds it more exciting that the furniture! 

I can not recommend Cristin - The Cat Counselor"/Genius, enough! 
To anyone out there having issues with their feline friends, contact Cristin Coll right away! 
Bravo Cristin, I am eternally grateful for your help!


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