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  1. 4. “My new dog is too…”There are other reasons we’ve heard for returning a newly adopted pet too, and many of them could have been fixed if the new owner was able and willing to ask for help from experienced dog caretakers in their community like dog rescuers, shelter staff, volunteers, behaviorists, and trainers. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how willing people will be to try to help you keep your newly adopted dog! Dogs aren’t always perfect, but with a little time, effort, and these tips above we hope you can become perfect for one another!
  2. My favorite I would have to say is rottweilers and that is not a bias answer or anything (yes it is…lol) and that is what we own, her name is Justice and eventually will own more once she hits about 2 years old and is ready to breed! She is just so extremely smart and sweet and kind and fast learning. She has been such a blessing to me and our family!
  3. Just my personal opinion: dogs are pets and should not be confined to kennels or crates. They deserve freedom of movement. How would humans feel if they were confined to a crate by another more powerful being? I would suggest getting a very large dog bed (or two or three large sun-lounger covers) for the mother and puppies to sleep on. The issue of the temporary protective instinct of the mother has already been discussed in another thread; this instinctive protectiveness will rapidly pass as the puppies grow.
  4. Animal-Lover-21, I can’t advise you about soft crates, as our dog doesn’t have one (any sort of crate). I value your contributions to this forum, but no more links to petlem(dot)com, please. You have made plenty of links to that site before, and it is an affiliate to Amazon.
  5. The problem starts with the people, the goverment is suppose to represent the people. They should take care of dogs, learn about them, not fund breeding unknown dogs, and not to throw them to the streets. Lower the amount of dogs in the streets, make people love animals and know how to take care of them, and most of the issues will be solved.
  6. Thank you for drawing attention to this issue. You asked for the views of members. Well, all I can say is that I totally agree with the views of Vicki Katrina of the Humane Society: “The Humane Society of the United States opposes cloning of any animals for commercial purposes due to major animal welfare concerns. Companies that offer to clone pets profit off of distraught pet lovers by falsely promising a replica of a beloved pet. With millions of deserted dogs and cats in need of a home, pet cloning is completely unnecessary” (Bold print added by me, to stress the important point)
  7. Hey everyone! I need to cut my dogs hair, he is a Poodle mixed with a Shih Tzu. He is kinda small, but he hates getting hair cuts. We don’t have money to take him to a professional to cut it so we do it. Well we need to cut by his eyes because he builds up this nasty goo by his eye. Well when we put our muzzle on him it covers all the way up to his eye. We can’t cut it. Well I was wondering are there any muzzles out there with a thin strap or maybe how to make one yourself that’s works. I tried looking for one, but I can’t find any. Any suggestions on how to cut his hair are helpful as well!
  8. All animal lovers should read this. This was posted in the “Best of Craiglist”. It was not written by me. YOU SHOULD ALL READ IT. Everyone who wants a pet should know exactly what happens if they decide they can’t keep their pet anymore. Not all shelters are exactly the same, but this was written by a shelter manager, and I appreciated the post: THE SHELTER MANAGER’S LAMENT “I am posting this (and it is long) because I think our society needs a huge “Wake-up” call. As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all…a view from the inside if you will.
  9. Soi Dog Foundation is a wonderful organisation. It has saved countless homeless dogs in Thailand and has recently saved and found homes for lots of dogs rescued from the Yulin Dog Eating Festival. You can read about this wonderful organisation here: http://www.soidog.org It is very worthy of any financial support you can give.
  10. Hi everyone, I recently visited Cusco, Peru and was deeply saddened by the huge number of stray and sick dogs alone on the streets. I have created a gofundme to raise money for this cause and improve the shelter in Cusco. There is more information about this project on my gofundme. Direct link to crowdfunding site removed. Any member interested in donating is advised to contact the poster of this thread via private message on this forum and to check the identity and genuineness of the person concerned before making any donation. Genuine people will not mind doing this. Thank you for you
  11. My dear friend! I am addressing you on behalf of our entire family! Meet the Boston. Our family member. Beloved friend of children, devoted companion. Boston is 2 years old. He is young, active, loves children. In October 2017, he was hit by a car. Since then, we have carried out a huge treatment – surgery, rehabilitation, medicines… Bosi had a fractured vertebra and a posterior left limb. The foot healed, the bones are fused, but go … He can not walk. For all time his treatment was spent almost 13,000 dollars. We have not yet repaid the loan for the treatment, so now we need a special chair
  12. Just an opening question to get to know some people What is your favorite breed of dog and why? And what kind of dogs do you own? I actually have 2 favs. I am an avid Pit Bull lover. I am very fond of their personalities. My lil pittie acts like a clown! I also love his learning abilities. He picks up on my actions and sometimes I swear he’s half human! The second are Chow Chows. My mother raised them when I was growing up and that was the only dog I ever owned for the first 16 years of my life. They were like big cuddly teddy bears. I don’t own any right now but I really would
  13. I am trying to figure out which one will be the best for a family of Siberian Husky. As what I have mentioned a few days ago, Cookie just gave birth to adorable puppies. She’s actually owned by my cousin, the space on their backyard is enough for a big family like them. Cookie sleeps on the floor while the basket with pads is being occupied by her little ones — that dog is too aggressive to any visitors that will check her babies which is alarming since she only have the collar to stop him from chasing someone. I have suggested that it will be better if all of them stay on the kennel since it
  14. I have decided to buy a crate for my dog, I think that it’s quite comfortable when you are out. But I am looking for soft crates, which will be convenient for my dog. How you recommend me this soft crates. Here is the link. I will wait for other suggestions also :)))https://petlem.com/best-soft-dog-crates/
  15. The situation of stray dogs in Romania is quite critical. A few years ago Romania had a real problem with stray dogs wandering freely on the streets of the cities,including the capital Bucharest. There were even a couple of fatal incidents where stray dogs attacked people biting them resulting in death. Therefore authorities decided to clear the streets of dogs. A very good decision in a civilzed,21st century country. However the problem is with the housing of the stray dogs. There are 2 types of dog shelters: the ones owned by the government and the ones managed by ngo’s or just sim
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