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Waylon goes home

Guest Lancelot Arnold

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Guest Lancelot Arnold

Waylon went missing in Florida in June and turned up in Colorado in December. Yesterday, his caretaker flew out to retrieve him.As we reported in Waylon, missing for months, is found 2,000 miles from home on December 22, the two year old orange Tabby was found an extraordinarily long way from home six months after he had gone missing. We spoke today with Jennifer Strickland of the Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, CO, who corrected a few details from earlier reports and filled us in on Waylon and Daniel Johns’ reunion.Waylon disappeared in June, one hour after coming to his new home and being adopted by Daniel Johns, of Goodland, FL, on Marco Island; escaping through a small hole in a dryer vent. Daniel searched for Waylon and left food out for him but got no leads or indication that his newly adopted cat remained nearby.Then, on December 21, a resident of Littleton, Colorado was walking her Bichon and encountered a friendly orange tabby cat. The woman asked around but neighbors said they didn’t know the cat. As she walked the dog again that night she once again crossed paths with the cat, and, due to the bitter cold, brought him home for the night. She brought him to Foothills Animal Shelter the next day.A microchip scan quickly identified Waylon and provided Daniel Johns’ contact info. Daniel was reported at the time as saying he would go out West to retrieve the cat who had disappeared before getting a chance to settle in to his new life.

Yesterday, Daniel followed through and was reunited with Waylon at Foothills Animal Shelter, with every news station in the area in attendance to cover the story. In response to why he would make such a long journey for a cat he’d only had for an hour, he laughed good naturedly and said that life is about adventure and the experience of finding and retrieving Waylon was once such adventure for him.United Airlines provided flights for Daniel going both ways to retrieve his wayfaring kitty, with the understandind that Waylon would fly as a passenger, and not in cargo.While it is not known how Waylon made the long journey from Florida to Colorado, his appearance and overall condition suggest that someone, perhaps a snowbird, picked him up in Florida and brought him to Colorado with them. As with so many cats in his situation, Waylon is not telling.Foothills Animal Shelter, located in Golden, Colorado, takes in 10,000 animals a year. They strive to runite as many of those animals as possible with their families and do so at higher rate than the national average. Waylon’s happy ending is a testament to their efforts and to the value of microchipping.

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