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Guest Lancelot Arnold

Young Woman Walks Into Shelter and Asks for “Least Adoptable Cat”

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Guest Lancelot Arnold

Madeline, a cat lover, has gone through some hard times in the last two years. Her sister told I Heart Cats, “She’s 22, and in the last two years, she lost two friends and our dad. She also went through a rough breakup and retired from her professional ballet career. So she did what any good sad person would do. She got a cat. But not just any cat. She walked into our local shelter and asked for their least adoptable cat.”Madeline knew she didn’t want just any cat. When she arrived at the shelter, she went straight to the staff and asked which cat had the most difficult time finding a home. The staff at the shelter immediately thought of Chester, a 16-year-old ginger cat who had been dropped off by his owner when she went away to college. He’d been in the shelter for over a year, hiding in the corner of his cage and repeatedly passed over for adoption in favor of all the kittens.
“I saw him in the corner of the shelter, and I saw that he was so old, and he was SO fluffy,” Madeline said of the first time she met Chester. “He looked like a teddy bear. I just had to hold him.” When asked if she was sure she wanted an older cat, Madeline responded that no animal should have to die in the shelter. So, it was decided and Chester found his new forever home.The two of them bonded immediately and Madeline says that despite his age, Chester is very good health. “He is the king of the household. He took about 5 hours to adjust, and now he loves it. He is such a cuddler, and loves to be allowed to cuddle on laps. He loves to play with strings, and yarn. He is very curious,” she said.Now Madeline has a companion to brighten her days, proving that adopting a cat can change lives for the better.


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