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My new dog is too unfriendly with my pets

Guest Lancelot Arnold

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Guest Lancelot Arnold

3. “My new dog is too unfriendly with my pets.”
So many dogs get returned to shelters after just one day for this reason, which is really sad and so often unnecessary. Dogs take time to settle in, and need their owner’s help with slow and safe introductions to other pets. Animals also take a while to develop relationships and bonds with one another. Try these how-to introduce your new dog properly articles for two weeks, and give your new dog a fair chance of getting along with your current pets:

Introducing Your New Dog to Other Dogs

In multi-dog households, a new dog can throw off the balance and everyone might need some reminding of their training. Here are some suggestions to get your new dog’s introduction to your dog or dogs off to the best start! Note: The technique we describe below is for DOG-FRIENDLY dogs. If you do not know … Continue reading

You have or are planning on adopting a new cat, congratulations! There are many ways you can introduce cats and dogs. These are the six steps I’ve used successfully many times, for a slow & safe introduction of a new cat to resident dogs. “Slow” can be as quickly as one week, or it can … Continue reading
This is the first in our series of puppy, dog, and cat behavior articles, to help readers with their newly adopted pets! The method I describe below is for DOG-FRIENDLY adult dogs. If you do not know if your dog is good with other dogs, or has ever shown any type of aggression to another … Continue reading
3. “My new dog is too aggressive.”
Dog aggression is extremely complex to understand, and if you do not have a lot of experience interpreting why a dog is being aggressive, trying to fix the problem incorrectly can make it worse. We would avoid giving advice on how to handle dog aggression in writing, other than to say you should consult a professional dog behaviorist, who has references from past clients whom they’ve helped fix a similar dog aggression problem. Sometimes all it takes is one “session” with a good behaviorist to train YOU and the dog, and hopefully get you on the right path to reducing and eventually eliminating a dog that is acting aggressively.
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