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Pet Bird Breeding For Beginners: Information, How-To & Supplies 1

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Pet bird breeding is a demanding but highly rewarding activity. Some people do it as a personal hobby whereas others do it for profit. Whatever your reason, at a minimum you’ll need a pair of healthy, mature birds plus the correct equipment and bird breeding supplies

Choosing the correct pair of pet birds
This one’s a no-brainer, you obviously need a pair of male and female birds that are the same species. However, most bird species will mate for life and so you need to ensure that the pair gets on well before you try to begin breeding. Also, some species are easier to look after than others and you’ll also need to check the health of your birds.

Selecting the species
Most people just go with the pet bird species that they already own. However, if you’re completely new then here are a few bird species which are easier to begin breeding with. When looking for a beginner species to start breeding, you want one that is:

Smaller (these are easier to manage)
Matures quickly (which requires less initial care)
Strong and sturdy (delicate species are harder to breed)
Is common (so there’s already lot’s of species specific information on how to do everything)

Bird species that match up to the above criteria include:

Checking the health of your birds
Before birds being breeding, you should check the following:

Gender of the bird – a rookie mistake is incorrectly sexing your bird. Easy in some species but much harder to determine in others. You can even do it genetically (with kits such as this one kit or pack of 5).
Sexual maturity and fertility – each species will mature at different ages. Find out when your bird reaches sexual maturity before you start breeding.
Strong and disease free – avian disease screening is possible at most vets and is necessary to prevent diseases from spreading to the offspring of birds. See this resource from the AAV for a list of tests you can perform.
Genetic health and unrelated pairs – a number of companies will let you know the genetic details of your bird to check they are not related as well as checking for genetic diseases. This is especially important for show birds. Some of the companies that offer this service include:
Avian Biotech
IQ Bird Testing
Species specific instructions for breeding
People have been breeding birds for centuries and instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, you can just learn from the hard-earned mistakes of others.

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