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6 Pack Unsexed 3/4-1” Juvenile Ruby Red Peacock Cichlids!

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About this species: The German Red Peacock is a line bred Peacock that had its beginnings with Aulonocara Maleri from Lake Malawi. Decades of selective breeding had led to the German Red. We have kept this strain for nearly a decade, and by keeping 3 lines for our breeding program (including under the Malawi and More name), we feel we have improved our Rubescens. Even our females have good color (rare for non-hybrid peacocks). The pictures in this listing include holding females that have enough color to make one do a “double take”. We are sure you will be quite satisfied with these beauties!

About us: Palmer’s Malawi’s and More got its start a decade ago as “Malawi’s and More African Cichlids”. We used to spend our free time chasing trophy saltwater fish until fate (in the form of a sunken vessel) took away our past time. We had kept African cichlids as a hobbist for years, which led to us introducing these saltwater reef fish descended mouthbrooders to our fishing partner, David. With our help, David turned the hobby into a business. When he finally decided to retire from Florida to California we inherited the task of moving thousands of gallons of fish and water nearly 30 miles. This was a remarkably difficult endeavor, but we are now ready to begin offering these beautiful fish to the public. We know you will enjoy them!

Item location:
Odessa, Florida, United States

US $39.95

Juvenile Ruby Red Peacock Cichlids!.jpg

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