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Guest Lancelot Arnold

The Dog That Inspects Every Single Room At 3 a.m. Each Night

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Guest Lancelot Arnold

“We have a dog — I mentioned him in my other posts. We spoil him a lot, too. He used to sleep outside, but after a few days of rainy nights in August, we allowed him to sleep inside. Additionally, he barks at practically everything that passes in front of our house at night, so to shut him up, we kept him in.
We used to have a collar and a leash to keep him in place at night — he once knocked over a table and nibbled on my sister’s phone when he wasn’t tied down. But he didn’t like being alone at night downstairs. He used to wake us all up with his whining. We thought he just didn’t like being tied down, or wanted to be with us upstairs. Finally, I relented and brought him upstairs to sleep — no collar, no leash. It stopped the whining.
But here’s the thing. Quite literally every night at 3 a.m., our dog gets up and does an inspection of all the rooms. Not before 3 a.m., and not after. Our bedroom doors are always open, so he has free access all around. If he happens to be sleeping on someone’s bed, he gets restless (waking up the person), and wants to be let down. Due to a small accident when he was a puppy, our dog is afraid of jumping down from places, even the small gap from the bed to the floor. But at 3 a.m., like clockwork, he wakes up. When we do let him down, he goes from room to room, then sleeps in the doorway of my parents’ room.
It’s happened every night that we could observe him. We started bringing him upstairs early September. I don’t know what happens in our house at 3 a.m., but several times, when we do “catch him in the act”, he looks at the doorway of the room (whoever owns the room he happens to be in would wonder what the hell he’s doing), then stares at the person looking at him, then at the doorway again.”

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