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How to Introduce A Puppy to an Adult Dog & The Myths of Dog Adoption

Guest Lancelot Arnold

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Guest Lancelot Arnold

How to Introduce A Puppy to an Adult Dog
First ensure your dog(s) are up to date on all their vaccinations, including bordatella (kennel cough) especially if the puppy is coming from a shelter or rescue kennel, or has been exposed to other dogs. Just having the new puppy in the house will throw off your older dog, begin by keeping the puppy in an isolated from the older dog. As for the first introduction, choose a neutral and unfamiliar territory, such as a street or park you don’t usually visit. For a very young puppy (4 months and under): start by having a friend (not a family member) holding the puppy in their arms and letting your friendly adult dog take a good sniff. Walks make future meetings a excellent bonding activity! For more tips follow along at our blog.

The Myths of Dog Adoption
Did you know that most dogs do not have a home due to no fault of their own? It is a common myth to think that all dogs up for adoption in shelters and rescues are damaged in some way. But, nothing could be less true! Dog shelters and rescues are full of lovable, active and healthy adoptable dogs just waiting for someone to take them home. A majority of dogs are given up when their prior owner can no longer afford the financial requirements to keep them, got divorced, had a death in the family or other unexpected change in their family situation, or didn’t realize how much time & attention a dog adoption deserves and needs. Even worse, the number of dog adoptions in need are compounded by a surplus of dogs bred for profit: approximately 4 million adoptable pets are killed each year due to overpopulation. By taking home a dog adoption from a rescue or a shelter, not only are you saving that pet, you’re either making room in the rescue so they can save another pet from a shelter, or making room at the shelter itself. As you can see, dog adoption is truly a continuous cycle of saving lives, and it’s the humane thing to do! Thank you for considering dog adoption, and please help us debunk the myth of homeless pets in the future.

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