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Guest Lancelot Arnold

How to Determine a Good Breeder

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Guest Lancelot Arnold

Hi All – if you are a new breeder (and even if you are not), please take a look at what I am going to say. I am trying to save you all heartache and losing cats and yes, the money it will cost you if you have to buy all new cats. This is my advice:

1. When you are looking at breeders to buy from, if you decide on a cat, first thing you should ask – are they PRA, PRA-B and PK Def negative and get proof.
2. Ask to see a video of the kitten…this may help you determine whether the kitten is socialized or not. Also, be sure to get updated photos.
3. Have they been fecal tested? Again, you may have to pay, but it is cheaper in the long run
4. Can you see the pedigree?
5. If you want to breed for BST’s or a certain coat color like the non-agouti – ask the breeder to test – you will have to pay for that…

I have seen so many new breeders (and experienced) buy sick kittens or kittens that are PK Def n/k and PRA n/k – I am very concerned about the welfare of our breed if this continues. we should all care about this for obvious reasons.

If you think the breeder is well known or well respected – it does not matter – the kittens should be happily tested and if the breeder does not want to test, then walk away.

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