Is Your Dog a Jerk When You’re Sick?

I have the flu, and as you know it can be quite a nasty bug. It’s one of those “I don’t even want to change the channel” sorts of illnesses. Anything that requires effort hurts.

I’ve been home for a few days carving out my own indentation on the couch. It’s just Laika and I and she’s thrilled by this arrangement. Me? Not so much.

This morning I was awoken by a Kong being dropped on my face. Yesterday it was a paw swipe.

If she could talk I imagine her saying “It’s 7:00 am – since you’re not going to work I don’t want this day going to waste – it’s time to play!”

dog a jerk

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My Dog Has the Ability to Entertain Herself

Laika plays with her toys all the time, whether I’m participating or not. I’m amused by it, and I find it to be one of her most endearing qualities. I’ll find her off in another room somewhere, laying on her back and rolling around with one of her stuffed animals.

She likes to play with her blue ball in the kitchen. She can push the ball around the hardwood floor and entertain herself. And it makes the most delightful noise when she drops it over and over again.

I know our dogs love their routines, and I know ours involves lots of play. I do feel bad that she hasn’t gotten much quality play time in for a few days, but my sympathy can only go so far when making ice cubes requires a rest period.

For three days she hasn’t played at all. She’s been nudging me, whining at me, and she keeps dropping that stupid blue ball on me. She knows how to entertain herself, but she’s refusing to do it now – when I’d really appreciate it.

dog a jerk when you're sick

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Is Your Dog a Jerk When You’re Sick?

I know I can’t be alone on this, my dog can’t be the only jerk out there. She yawns when I yawn, she comforts me when I’m upset. Dogs have been found to show empathy towards their owners and they can detect prostate cancer. Where’s the sympathy when I’ve got the flu?

Perhaps dogs have been shown to empathize with crying humans because it’s a sign of appeasement, or they know they might get rewarded. Maybe my dog knows that it’s just the flu; regardless of how I feel today she knows I’ll be better soon.

Does your dog behave well when you’re sick? Do they rest with you or try to comfort you? Or do they do what Laika does and drop a Kong in your face when you’ve been resting too long?

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