I’ve found a bleeding baby cat on the road and brought him to the vet. He recovered but now it’s struggling, any help would be greatly appreciated

TL;DR: My cat is showing strange neurological issues and vets don’t know what to do anymore. I’m posting here in hope someone has been through a similar issue or maybe there is some vet that can shed some light about what’s happening here.

Last Thursday, when heading back home, I found a baby cat, around 5 weeks old, on the road. The little girl appeared to be in shock and was bleeding from her nose. We quickly grabbed her and brought her to the vet. On the first night the vets where afraid that she would make it but fortunately she did and we decided to adopt her to at least give her an opportunity to recover and have a home.

I’ll try to summarize as best as I can everything that has happened until this afternoon:

  • We’re still not sure if she was run over since she had no fractures, according to the X ray.

  • She was probably a stray cat since she had fleas. Was de-flead. No signs of worms.

  • No felv or fiv tests were done since she’s very young and, according to the vets, the results would be reliable.

  • She showed concussion symptoms in the first night and was medicated accordingly.

  • All the blood analysis were ok, only leukocytes were a bit elevated.

  • She received medical discharge Sunday night.

  • She is still taking antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication.

  • Feces and urine seemed ok.

  • Her vision and pupil response to light seem to come and go. This is very weird to me. One time she is totally stressed with everything because she starts seeing, others she is completely lovely being petted, but totally blind and without pupil reaction to light.

  • She seems to have little sense of smell but seems to be improving: already can find food and water and eat/drink by herself.

  • She can play and be active, reacts well to sound stimulation.

We were starting to get very hopeful since the worst signs appear to have passed and she was slowly but steadily recovering. Until last afternoon.

We found her “sleeping” in a strange position, laying on her side, with with her paw shaking a bit and on top of her poop. We brought her to the vet again and she is now hospitalized but the vets are clueless about what’s going on. According to them she had a small seizure (not sure if I’m using the right therm here) but they’re only watching her to see if she doesn’t get any worse. Currently she is not being able to stand up an is resting on her side. She is still reactive, enjoys petting and eats if we put food near her mouth.

I know that there is no way do be 100% about what’s happening but I find it very weird that she seemed stable and improving and now this happens. The constant loss and recovery of vision also bugs me a lot. I have some medical and neuroscience background but I know nothing about cats. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can give me some clues about what’s going on or if there is anything that can be tried.

Note: I also appreciate a lot the work that the vets did, they saved her life. However, they are not specialized in neurology and therefore I’m trying to do my best to see if I can help with something. Thank you.

Photo: https://imgur.com/FpQYKcR


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