James: Thankful for Coverage

New puppy James unexpected trip to the veterinarian due to an accident - resulted in recovery.

The beginning of this year was very stressful for us with James–

James was hit by a car. James is our baby and we never expected to have to go through anything like this. Especially not within the first 10 months of his life!

Still a puppy, he was in good spirits but we were all broken hearted that he had to endure all this. He’s expected to make a full recovery – we’re so thankful. He got his final bandage off last Monday and is gaining more use of his injured leg every day!

Through all the stress, knowing we didn’t have to worry about the entirety of the giant veterinary bill made this all a lot easier to handle. We had family, friends, and co-workers offering to help because they knew the cost of the veterinary care was going to be extensive— but we assured them we were being taken care of by Trupanion!

If we had to take money from our savings to pay for this I would have been sick, but of course, we would have done whatever it took to make James better! We have a trip in the coming months that might have been canceled had it not been for Trupanion.

James is our first pet as a married couple, so pet medical insurance was a new thing to us. But I am so glad we decided to take it. This has been a very easy, stress-free process that had great results in the end!

Thank you, Trupanion!
Bethany and Keith D.


Goulds, Newfoundland

Date Enrolled: July 2013

Condition: Fractured Leg

The Trupanion Policy paid: $2,128.39

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