Keeping calm – how to help relieve anxiety and stress in pets

Ah, to be able to spend all afternoon asleep in the sunshine, on a Wednesday!

Though for the most part, the life of a pet seems blissfully care-free, there are specific situations which can make your pet feel stressed or anxious. Examples include things like unfamiliar visitors, disruptions such as building work, sudden noises such as fireworks, heavy rain, thunder or lightening, and visits to the vets.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help your pet stay calm and stress-free.

  • Keep to a normal routine as much as possible. For instance, walking your dog at the same time each day and establishing regular times for feeding can help to reassure your pet when there are disruptions such as houseguests.
  • Always make sure your pet has a place to retreat to. This could be simply be a quiet room, or a space underneath a bed (a favourite of felines!) – but if your pet is particularly stressed you can also make them their own ‘cosy corner’, using a crate, blankets and cushions. It’s important that nobody disturb your pet while they’re in their hideaway, so they know it’s somewhere they can always feel safe.
  • Exercise can help to keep your pet calmer. Playing with your cat or talking your dog on a nice long walk can help to tire them out ahead of potentially stressful situations such as parties or fireworks night.
  • Supplements or pheromone releasing products such as plug-ins and collars can really help, especially if you have a very anxious pet. These products are specially designed to combat stress and help pets to feel safe and reassured.

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