Laika’s Lessons – What My Dog Has Taught Me

I can’t believe it will soon be three years already. Three years ago I adopted a puppy I wasn’t quite prepared for. After being on the lookout for a nice older dog I met Laika and instantly melted. It certainly wasn’t planned that way but I have no regrets.

She’s taught me a good deal about dog behavior and I’ve learned things about my own capabilities. Working with a reactive dog doesn’t really give you wiggle room; you’ve got to plan ahead and be prepared.

Time really flies when you’ve got a great dog at your side. Through all the training and work we’ve done it’s amazing how well I feel I know her; yet she still does things that surprise me.


This lovely dog has taught me many things over the past 3 years

Raising my dog has taught me many important lessons;

  • Dogs can be vocal, very vocal. Howling, whining, barking, growling, and grunting. There’s always something to say.
  • Not all dogs are calm at the vet; Laika cries and flinches when she’s receiving shots.
  • Squirrels are the enemy.
  • Mud puddles are there to be laid in.
  • There is no such thing as personal space when it comes to cuddling.
  • Yawns must always be loud.
  • If you want to play and your owner is sleeping dropping a toy on their face is the most effective way to wake them.
  • Holding hand to paw in the car is the only way to travel.
  • Stretching must always be accompanied by a loud groan or sigh.
  • Climbing onto the kitchen counters isn’t just for cats.
  • Baths and rain are horrible but the hose is always fun.
  • Play biting never gets old.
  • Howling or whining at bugs on the wall is mandatory.
  • Hats continue to be scary.
  • Small dogs look suspicious; barking is advised.
  • Petting a tail is not OK, it’s just weird.
  • Sugar snap peas are the best food in the world.
  • Garbage trucks need to be barked at.
  • Hiding toys in coat pockets is a nice surprise for later.

My dog has taught me many things. These weird quirks and behaviors still manage to surprise me. What weird habits or behaviors does your dog exhibit?

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