Meet Cher and Mary, an unlikely pair – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU

imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-zUYF7ySP5HPwMeet Cher and Mary! Cher is the beautiful kitten and Mary is the oh so adorable canine. Although these two have never met (and APA-A-45368-1may not actually appreciate each others company!) they share a series of events that unfortunately are not in their favor.

Both Cher and Mary have been experiencing seizures within the last 30 days that have no obvious or known cause. Both of these APA-A-44243-1sweet pets are needing our help to diagnose and find a treatment that will help them. In spite of the fact that both of these critters are doing well now continued seizures cause damage and require stringent management or treatment.

A bile acids test can help APA diagnose a congenital condition called a liver shunt, in which could be either managed medically or surgically. The treatment is vastly different from idiopathic epilepsy and means a faster treatment plan for both of these loving animals.

Help Mary and Cher get tested and closer to a diagnosis. After several weeks of hospitalization and treatment APA needs YOUR help to find a treatment for Cher and Mary.


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