Meet Silas, the adventure pup!

Owner: Heather Cahill
Name: Silas
Breed: Golden Retriever/Chow/Rottweiler/Staffordshire
Location:  Asheville, NC

Silas was found roaming the streets of Gulf Coast Florida 4 years ago with his brothers. He was rescued and sent to local animal services where he met volunteer Heather Cahill. The Cahill family decided to foster (and eventually adopt) Silas. It was the beginning of many adventures together!

He was unsure of his new surroundings at first, but with the help of his loving humans and Corgi sister, Silas has learned to be a fun-loving dog! His sister taught him why squeaky toys are awesome and that the couch is the comfiest spot in the house. He’s now obsessed with his toys, especially his favorite, a big stuffed hedgehog.

Silas and his family moved from Florida to Asheville, NC a few months ago, so now he gets to experience mountains and snow. He loves going for weekend hikes and swimming in local rivers and streams!

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