More Unexpected Wisdom Panel Results

Do you know what breeds make up your dogs heritage? If you’ve got a mixed breed dog you can find out by using a dog DNA test.

You take a sample from the inside of your dogs cheek, mail it in, and in a couple weeks you’ll have your results. I recently had my own dog tested; you can see the results here.

What Are Dog DNA Test Kits?

Wisdom Panel tests are dog DNA test kits you can buy for about $80. You take a DNA sample from your dogs cheek, send it in, and in about three weeks you’ll receive your dogs ancestry report.

I was hesitant at first but finally decided to try it out. Although I don’t see any Bernese Mountain Dog in Laika the rest of her results are pretty convincing.

How Accurate Are Wisdom Panel Tests?

The accuracy of the test results can vary. In 2009 the National Canine Research Council found Wisdom Panel to be 84% accurate when testing dogs with F1 parents, that is dogs who have two purebred parents. Mars has since added more genetic markers to their tests and claims 90% accuracy.

Doggie DNA tests can bring out some unexpected results. For the most part I wasn’t too surprised by many of the results, but a few really stuck out as odd. Results I would have never guessed. While browsing through the community section I found some more unexpected Wisdom Panel results.

Unexpected Dog DNA Results

wisdom panel results

Susie’s results

Susie from Illinois

50% Akita
50% Rottweiler

wisdom panel results

Clyde’s results

Cylde from New York

25% Alaskan Malamute
25% American Eskimo
25% Chow Chow
25% Russell Terrier

wisdom panel results

TJ’s results

TJ Ryder from Louisiana

25% Cardigan Welsh Corgi
25% Lhaso Apso
25% Whippet
25% Mix

wisdom panel results

Pepper K’s results

Pepper K from Nevada

25% English Cocker Spaniel
25% Lhaso Apso
25% Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier
25% Weimeraner

wisdom panel results

Rusty’s results (I think Rusty is the definition of a Heinz 57 dog)

Rusty from Texas

12.5% Chinese Shar Pei
12.5% Rottweiler
12.5% Standard Schnauzer
62.5% Mix

anders wisdom panel results

Anders’ results

Anders from New York

25% Boxer
25% Shiba Inu
25% Miniature Poodle
25% Scottish Deerhound

wisdom panel results

Riley’s results

Riley from Oregon

25% Border Terrier
25% Pomeranian
25% Samoyed
12.5% Maltese
12.5% Mix

wisdom panel results

Levi’s results

Levi from Connecticut

50% Papillion
25% Great Pyrenees
25% Mix

wisdom panel results

Lucy’s results

Lucy from Iowa

50% Norwegian Elkhound
25% Shih Tzu
25% Mix

wisdom panel results

Clover’s results

Clover from Minnesota

50% Labrador Retriever
25% Border Collie
25% Mix

wisdom panel results

Waylon’s results

Waylon from California

50% Boxer
37.5% Irish Setter
12.5% Mix

ashby lee wisdom panel results

Ashby Lee’s results

Ashby Lee from Michigan

75% Carin Terrier
25% Great Dane

wisdom panel results

Bailey’s results

Bailey from Ohio

25% Collie
25% Mastiff
25% Siberian Husky
25% Mix

I think I’m going to take the plunge and get my dog tested. I’ve always assumed she’s a Shepherd/Lab mix but it would be nice to know if there’s anything else significant in her ancestry. Have you tried out a Wisdom Panel test for your dog? Were you satisfied with the results? Did any surprising breeds show up?

Further Wisdom Panel Results

So as you see I did end up buying a DNA test for my dog and I’m both pleased and entertained by the results. Results may not be guaranteed but they seem pretty accurate for my dog. They’ve helped explain some of her personality traits for sure.

I’d recommend a dog DNA test to anyone curious about their dogs ancestry. Check out Laika’s results for an example of the report you’ll receive.

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