My guinea pig died and I don’t know why or what to do.

So, my guinea pig was female and just had surgery to remove a tumor on her neck. She got antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine through a syringe everyday. She would take it really well, sometimes she would bite at the syringe to get it. She was about 5 years old, I got her and her sister together from a Petsmart when they were 6 months. (I know, I hate Petsmart too, but I was really young and wasn’t educated on it).

Here’s how she died, I had just came home from school and she was acting normal (jumping up on the cage, eating carrots, eating her hay, drinking water, very alert, very curious, etc.). I went to go to the bathroom and I came back. She was eating her pellets and then I sat on my bed and watched some YouTube. I heard her making a gagging type sound and immediately thought she was choking. I jumped down and checked on her because, although she was doing relatively well after the surgery, I was obviously worried. I don’t know if she was choking, but it looked like she was. She ran into her hide when I started talking, trying to calm her with my voice. She had made this sound and done this many times before and normally my voice calmed her down and she stopped choking.

This is when it got scarier, she ran out of her hide, seeming like she was running from something, and started to run headfirst into the cage wall, not stopping when she hit it. She went limp and I started crying and went ran her. I picked her up carefully and saw she wasn’t breathing well. I called my mom, who had just gone out with my brother and I was home alone, and told her my guinea pig had gone limp and wasn’t breathing well. I was practically bawling by now, looking and noticing that it looked like greenish brown stuff was coming out of my piggies mouth. She didn’t struggle at all when I checked her whole body to check for any signs that she was injured, which is weird. She’s normally very alert and doesn’t like getting touched anywhere other than her ears and back.

I put her down on a nearby towel as I talked to my mom on the phone, telling her what was happening and my mom started to rush home. My guinea pig seemed like she was gasping for air. After a while, she started to breathe again, really fast, but it was a bit better. She was trying to walk but she was wobbling and such. She started to get worse, she flopped down but her heart was beating and she was breathing. My mom got home and my piggie was on the ground, gasping for air. My mom got home and we tried helping her.

My guinea pig started to bleed from her nose and her heart stopped. She was still gasping for air and then she just stopped. My mom and I spent around half an hour staring at her and crying. And then we both looked to my other guinea pig.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. My other guinea pig is alone and her sister is dead. Now I’m not going to be able to come home to my little baby squeaking and begging for food and I’m gonna miss her more than anything. I also don’t know what to do with her body. The vet is closed right now and my guinea pig is dead and I’ll never see her again.

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