My Tabby stopped purring for a year now after it got spayed

Last year my cat (Jennifer II; a tabby) was spayed, the cat’s personality changed completely. From the mild affection and cuddling every now and then, to hatred of being groomed, or petted. Recently Jennifer has become gentler as it likes to sit beside us but runs away the second we approach it, but it can tolerate stroking its head lightly without scurrying away.


But what never came back to Jennifer is her ability to purr, she never purrs again which saddens me greatly because I’m afraid that during the surgery the cat might have been affected somehow. I’ve talked to the vet during this year’s FIV vaccination, and she was astonished at how this happened and noting that during the 100 plus surgeries she has done she never had such feedback.


I’ve now adopted a new cat for my mother, a ragdoll (Jennifer III, Yes I’m not very creative), an affectionate furry little thing. Its spaying date is approaching, and I’m at a loss of what to do. Should I look for a different vet? Or is it a part of the cat’s breed to have a drastic change in personality as they age.

Do note:

  • that all the cats have been obtained since their “kittenhood.”

  • I’ve googled this issue but I’ve not found anyone that linked cats not purring to desexing surgeries.

Edit: had to add to this post because of the naming choice of our cats; simply put they’re not called in a serial number or anything of that sort. I would repeat my reply to a mate here to why the cats were given such haphazard names:

They’re not as bad as you make it out, for instance, the name for Jennifer II (Is ‘Jennifer the Second,’ and so on.) Pretty catchy with kids, but that’s just the names give to the vet when they ask for one, I’ve never given an actual title to the cat’s we own because we usually call them with endearing names like ‘come on Bish bish” list goes on. But I have to admit that the main reason behind this is because the first cat died in a quite horrible way which affected my niece, so to console her I just told her “we now have another Jennifer.”

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