One-eyed Popeye is living the good life

20160110_124641Who has one eye and loves spinach? Popeye. Well maybe he’s not a lover of the leafy greens but this friendly and playful pup did find his forever family back in December. We recently touched base with Popeye’s new family to find out how he’s doing in his new home and as you can see life is pretty good for Popeye.

When Popeye was still with APA! he underwent a wellness exam where our vets discovered a skin irritation that caused Popeye discomfort so they began using cold pressed camelina oil, which was donated to APA! by Wild Gold, to help improve the quality of his skin and coat. Not only did it make him feel less itchy but his coat began to grow back.

The camelina oil canine supplement worked so well for Popeye that the family started giving the supplement to their other dog as well. These two will surely be lifelong snuggle buddies.

20160109_092610Wild Gold has committed to donating a monthly supply of their Cold-Pressed Camelina Oil Canine Supplement to our clinic. In addition, they offer 15% back to Austin Pets Alive! for each purchase of their canine supplement. For more information on Wild Gold visit our Shop For A Cause page.

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