Pet Parent’s Guide to Devon Rex Training

Blessed with a unique look and appearance, Devon Rex cat is known for its comical and friendly personality. They are more like a court jester and can prove to be best companions. They strive hard to please people and are ready to do anything to stay close to them. They love to snuggle against the body of their owners drawing body warmth from them. This also gives them a sense of security. These cats are also known for their intelligence; hence training them is not too difficult. They love to learn various tricks so that they can please their owners.


Importance of Devon Rex Training

Life with a Devon Rex can become all the more enjoyable if it is suitably trained. Since they are “indoor only” cats, it is important that they are potty trained. Training them at any early stage will not only help them to get acclimatized with the rules of the house, but also ensure that you have a cat’s pee smell free home. Moreover, it is hygienic for the cats as well as other members of the family. Moreover, it is quite trendy to have your cat using the human toilet and all demure and shy!

Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Devon Rex Cat

A variety of tools and equipment are available in the market that assists in the training of this cat.

Staying Away From the Shelf

If your cat is too active and curious to know about new things and is on a rampage, you can use the spray method to ensure that it stays away from the shelves. Spray them as soon as they try to climb on a shelf. This way, they can be deterred from indulging in this behavior. You may have to repeat it several times as they may get a little stubborn.

Toilet Training

Though, it is a little difficult, bit in the long run it proves to be quite hygienic. If your cat is big, it can use the human toilet, whenever it needs to do its “business”. Initially, you may have to pick it up and help, but later, it will pick up fast and use the toilet on its own. Moreover, if you club good behavior with a treat or a reward, the good behavior will be reinforced.

Fetching and Retrieving

You can train your cat to fetch and retrieve certain things like a ball or a slipper. They love these sessions as they do not treat it as training, rather a fun time with you. They may bring a wrong slipper when asked to, but soon they will familiarize with various things and start fetching them correctly.

Clicker Training

This is basically a marker based training where a handheld clicker is used by the trainer, making a click sound as soon as the pet indulges in a desirable behavior. The sharp sound made by the clicker makes the cat understand the behavior expected by the trainer.

Different Trainings Required for a Devon Rex cat

Litter Training

  • Go on a shopping spree and pick up a perfectly sized and style litter before beginning litter training for your cat.
  • Use a simple and a slightly larger litter box for this purpose. The cat feels boxed in in a small litter box. Place your cat in the litter box when it needs to do its “business”.

Leash Training

  • Acclimatize your cat with a leash before using it.
  • Use a lightweight leash to begin leash training for your cat.
  • If the cat is not comfortable and strongly opposes a leash, discontinue its use for a few days and start again after some time.
  • Be very gentle when using the leash for the very first time.

Obedience Training

  • Though, Devon Rex is a lovable and adorable cat, obedience training of this cat must begin on the very first day, it is brought home.
  • Be very patient, yet firm when ensuring obedience in a Devon Rex cat.
  • Discourage unruly behavior at once so that the same is not reinforced.

Do’s and Don’ts in Providing Training to a Devon Rex cat

Do’s Don’ts
Devon Rex cats are quite adorable, but it is essential that you stay a little firm with them. Cat house training is a little challenging, but not impossible. The idea is to stay cool, but firm.
Call them by their name so that they start responding to it. Do not yell or be extra strict with them.
Spend quality time with them and enjoy their antics. Keep training sessions short.

Tips to Make the Training Task Easy for A Devon Rex cat

Certain tips can help in training your Devon Rex cat in the most easy manner.

  • Devon Rex cats are not only unique and adorable in looks and appearance, but they are quite intelligent and eager to learn.
  • Make the training sessions fun and exciting for them for speedier learning.
  • Be attentive to your cat, understand its cues and use positive reinforcement.

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