Puppy Leaks – Our Top 3 Blog Posts of 2014

You guys are amazing. Without your support I don’t know where this blog would be. You guys have embraced me as a newcomer and I couldn’t be more grateful. I want to thank all of you in the pet blogging community for being so damn awesome. And as you can see above Laika is all smiles with her new internet fans.

Puppy Leaks Began 6 Months Ago

When I hit publish on my first post back in June I was scared, terrified actually if I’m being honest. Entering into a popular blogging topic seemed like it might be a recipe for disaster.

Why would anyone read my blog when there’s already so many great dog blogs out there?

I still don’t know the answer to why you read this blog but you did. You gave it a chance, you gave me encouragement, and you offered support. I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am. Every comment, every share, every question, every single visit; I am thankful for all of you and I am honored to be part of the pet blogging community.

I’ve made so many new friends over the past 6 months. You guys are awesome.

Cheers to the pet blogging community – one of the most accepting, interesting, and funnest places to be in the blogging world. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, it’s meant the world to me.

Our Top 3 Blog Posts of 2014

1. Quick & Simple Ways to Relieve Dog Boredom
quick ways to relieve dog boredom

Quick & simple ways to relieve dog boredom

Us dog owners know the old saying that a tired dog is a good dog. I put together a list of 26 simple ways to keep your dog entertained. From some basic obedience, making a DIY dog puzzle, or playing a game of tug. The key to keeping your dog happy and healthy is a combo of mental and physical exercise; this list has recommendations for both. The amount of shares this post received earned it a place at number one.

2. 12 Shelter Dogs Smiling After Being Adopted
shelter dogs smiling after being adopted

Shelter dogs smiling after being adopted

For World Smile Day we posted 12 shelter dogs smiling after being adopted. I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate when it comes to showing off some great, inspirational smiles. Adopted dogs are given a second chance, and I think their smiles express their gratitude. The awesome comments and shares received earned this it’s number two spot.

3. You Can Help Save a Great Dog’s Life
help save a great dogs life

$25 or less can go a long way to help save a great dogs life.

In early December I wrote about an amazing dog named Fassbinder. He’s been diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma which has a 90% chance of complete remission with 6 months of chemotherapy. His owner, Keaton Shyler, emptied her savings to start chemo a few months back. She’s set up a fundraiser to help pay for the rest of his treatment. Read their story to find out how amazing this dog is.  He was rescued from a shelter a few years back to help his owner recover from an assault she suffered in 2012.

This post deserves the top three spot because it’s our chance to help save a great dog’s life. If they reach their $6,400 goal Fassbinder has a 90% chance of going into complete remission. Knowing how awesome this pet community is I ask that you read their story and share it to your friends. We really can help save a great dogs life.

This post is part of the Blog Paws New Year’s Eve blog hop.

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