Pus in the Uterus of Chinchillas

Pyometra in Chinchillas

Pyometra is a large collection of pus within the uterus of the female chinchilla. Pyometra may happen after conditions of metritis or placenta remaining behind in the uterus after the delivery of the litter. Pyometra can also occur in female chinchillas that have never been bred. Often, affected females are no longer capable of successful breeding and should be removed from the colony.

There is no effective treatment for severe cases of pyometra; therefore, it is best to identify and treat this condition at an early stage itself to avoid loss of productive capacity and loss of life.


  • Rough hair coat
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Swollen and irritated vagina
  • Fever


Pyometra may result after an episode of metritis or retained placenta in which there is severe secondary bacterial infection and decomposition of the retained material, which ultimately turns to pus. Pyometra is sometimes seen in unbred females as a result of some uterine infections.


Diagnosis is made by the clinical symptoms exhibited. The purulent discharge may be collected and grown in suitable cultures to identify the bacterial species responsible for the infection and pus formation.


The presence of pus in the uterus

retained placenta

A medical condition in which the mother animal fails to expel the placenta


The hollow bodily organ that holds the embryo and fetus and provides nourishment; only found in female animals.


A product made of fluid, cell waste, and cells


Anything that contains pus


A condition in which the uterus becomes inflamed


The organ of mammals that comes while a female is pregnant; may also be referred to as afterbirth


Any drug that kills organisms in an animal’s tissue or prevents the growth of more.

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