Remember Shamrock? FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

shamrockRemember Shamrock? Shamrock is an APA long stay dog. Sadly he has been with us since March 2014! He is only 7yrs old and about 10lbs. We can’t quite figure out why he has not yet been adopted but he has won all of our hearts in the meantime!

Shamrock is an incredibly sweet fellow. He is a diagnosed. diabetic and had cataracts but had surgery in April of 2015 to correct his vision.

Shamrock’s surgery was a success and he is doing very well but he is still required to be on Tacrolimus eye drops for another year! These eye drops are very expensive. APA has been able to rely on donations up until now and so the eye drops are needing to be purchased.

Eye drops for so long after surgery was not anticipated and APA needs help keeping Shamrock on the road to recovery!


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